Sunday, September 17, 2017

Kannady's RINO Identity

  This week we returned to the RINO list for our story. Not surprisingly we found a member of the House leadership right at the bottom of the list. We still haven't seen a Democrat near the bottom. Is it any wonder that Republicans are losing their special elections?

  We first went to his Official web site at here Representative Chris Kannady - Oklahoma House of Representatives. We will give him credit for his service in the Marine Corps. It deserves to be noted that his service in the JAG Corps is what those on the line would refer to him as a REMF. You'll have to ask your friendly Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran what that means. It's not fit for publication according to our editor.

  The next article of interest we found was this Chris Kannady - Ballotpedia. Now this gives us a little more insight into his 2nd term in office. What we found especially interesting was his sponsored bills. We would encourage you to open the link and go through the bills for yourself. Almost every single bill or resolution he sponsored that was approved was for a special interest group. The one he failed to get approved was the pay raise for the teachers. Every single bill or resolution he did get approved will have a drastically bad effect on the pockets of the middle and lower income citizens of the state of Oklahoma. This article also highlights that more priority was placed on commending various citizens and organizations than on passing a budget. This is indicative of a complete failure of the entire leadership of the House of Representatives leadership.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Candidate Hypocrisy We Cannot Ignore


We became aware of this story through this article 10 Dark Horse Oklahoma Gubernatorial Candidates | The Lost Ogle. From everything we could see on the surface this one candidate appeared to be a good candidate for the office of U.S. Senator. We felt that she should be vetted as are all candidates for office. What we found was disappointing to say the least, but also allowed us to present a clear and distinct hypocrisy of an organization founded with a good cause in mind, but has become corrupt and one sided in its views. Now this article says she is running for Governor however we were unable to find any indication of her having filed for that office. We did find this Search results | FEC indicating a run for the U.S. Senate.
The first article of interest we found was this Constance N. Johnson - Wikipedia. She decided to run for the open U.S. Senate seat in 2014 and won the Democratic primary. She lost the special election to the Republican challenger.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Civil Asset Forfeiture Is Revealed For The Piracy It Truly Is.

             Source:  The Cato Institute


Editors note: The Supreme Court recently struck down a Colorado law that refused to refund seized property and court fines for people who had their convictions overturned, demanding that the now innocent victim of the judicial system "prove beyond reasonable doubt" that they were innocent of a crime. That is something that is near impossible in most cases. The state of Colorado decided that the people were innocent enough to overturn the cases but not innocent enough to return their seized assets. The Supreme Court's Justice Thomas recently stated that the historical backing for asset forfeiture might not stand a constitutional challenge the way modern police are using the practice.

We are well aware that Civil Asset Forfeiture is an extremely sore spot between the law enforcement community and the civilian population. Over the last two legislative sessions we have watched events unfold at the State Capitol were Senator Kyle Loveless has made repeated attempts to change the law to make it friendlier to the citizens and visitors of Oklahoma. Both years he has been unsuccessful. This has been primarily due to the strong lobbying efforts of the various Law Enforcement Agencies. What our investigation has discovered is sure to upset both sides of this argument.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Was Leslie Osborn Ever A Republican?


Not a whole lot of difference here


Strange things happen during the legislative session. A politician's career can be on the line with every vote they make. This year was no exception to the rule. Perhaps the strangest thing to happen this last session was the state budget. It was clear that the House Appropriations Committee had her own agenda. That agenda had nothing to do with what was good for the people of Oklahoma. It was all about her political career.

We started by going to her official house web site here Representative Leslie Osborn - Oklahoma House of Representatives. There is very little information about her available on this site. That's an indication that she wants her privacy. We all do, but public figures should give more information than just her name.

What actually brought our attention to this sordid tale was this Oklahoma representative who spoke out against House leaders removed from committee position | The way this was reported here would indicate that she lost her position due to remarks that she made that were derogatory to the Speaker of the House. That is not all there was to the story. They left out the part where she failed to close the hole in the state's budget; she also violated the state's Constitution by passing revenue bills within the last five days of the session. To date one of those measures has been declared unconstitutional by the Oklahoma State Supreme Court which has caused the Governor to call for a special session to cover the $250 million dollar gap added on to what she didn't close. To put it into perspective she failed to properly manage the budget bills through the House of Representatives in a timely manner. She just wasn't up to the job.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Coins On Gravestones


Labor Day is coming up shortly. Many of you will see it as the official end of summer. Most of you will never give a thought as to the cost of your being able to spend the weekend in piece. Most managers of the nation's cemeteries aren't aware of this tradition that is followed by those who mourn those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. That needs to change

In the photograph above you see a headstone of a grave with an American Flag beside it and many coins cover the grave. Each one of those coins has a different meaning. We ask that from this point forward that all Cemetery Managers and the people that work for them honor this tradition. Just remember, all gave some and some gave all.

We'll start with the penny. Leaving a penny means that you visited this hero. This is something that should be done every time you visit.

Next there is the nickel. A nickel has a little more significance. It shows that you knew the individual by either having gone through boot camp or some other type of training with them. You were comrades in arms.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Taking Media Bias Even Lower

Nazi, Obama Supporter, Bernie Sanders Supporter or All Three?


We have all known that the main stream media has demonstrated a liberal bias since former President Obama was elected in 2008. This even applies to the local media outlets. We will say that the local media doesn't display the same level of bias as the national media outlets; still they get their stories and directions from the major broadcasters that they represent. Now one member of a prominent news broadcasting family in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area appears to have allowed his bias to slip into the blog that he writes. In this case he has lost all credibility when reporting any news on any subject.

What brought our attention to this story was this blog post 5 Oklahoma Confederate monuments that must be torn down… | The Lost Ogle. This article clearly shows that he supports the far lefts agenda of changing history to fit their needs. It would also indicate that he did little research into the facts about events at Charlottesville that has created this statue tearing down mess. It leaves us to wonder if he would agree that the statue of Communist Russia leader Lenin should be removed from downtown Seattle, Washington. We would also like to know if he feels that the statues of prominent U.S. figures and officials who were members of the KKK should be removed from inside the Nation's Capital?

Although four of the statues he lists are on state or county owned property, the fifth is not. The fifth is located in Tahlequah at the Cherokee National Tribal Headquarters. This sits within the exterior boundaries of the Cherokee Reservation and is subject to tribal control. You would have known that if you had just looked it up.

The next article of interest we found was this PBS Does Poll on Confed Monuments... Horrified by What Americans Really Think. Now PBS is another federally sponsored broadcasting company that is supposed to be neutral. We would urge you to read the results of this poll. Contrary to what the main stream media wants you to believe, the majority of the people in the nation do not want to see the destruction of the Confederate Statues. This is like the University of Chicago trying to rewrite history by placing a plaque on a building claiming President Lincoln was a Democrat. If you forget your past, you are bound to relive it over again.

The next article of interest we found was this Gettysburg Has Stunning Statement on Confederate Statues. This is within compliance with federal law. The law does not apply to state, county or city statues. It only applies to federal sites.

To save you a little time we took the liberty of looking the federal statute up for you. You can find it here
54 U.S.C. 320301 - National monuments. We urge you to open this link and read it. If you will scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see a yellow highlight over a particular part of the law that deals with this subject. You can even find the most up to date list of protected sites under this law.

What we feel may be the most telling part of the story coming from the main stream media and Charlottesville is this Bombshell: Leader of C'ville White Supremacist Protest True ID Revealed. This article needs to be read by all. In it you'll find tweets and emails that indicate that up until the night of the election, the organizer of the so called alt/right protest was an Obama and then Sanders supporter. It doesn't take a blind man to see the implications here. We believe the nation has been put on a fast road to another civil war.

In conclusion there is only one remedy that can be accomplished. All the groups that were involved in the utter madness in Charlottesville should be considered Domestic Terrorist. I'm talking not only those that were on the right like the KKK; I'm also talking like those on the left like Antifa. Whether you know it or not Antifa has been around since the 1930's. Research the history of the group and you will find that they are the violent wing of the Workers Party, a Communist organization. What we are witnessing is nothing short of a violent takeover of the way we are governed and the American way of life. This cannot be allowed to stand.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Private Prison Corruption

We are always up front with our readers. To be fair, we took a stand against State Questions 780 and 781 simply because they created a mess that made the citizens of the State of Oklahoma more vulnerable to crime. We also took offense to the questions due to there being written by a former Speaker of the House who is a known social justice warrior. As Speaker of the House he managed to get these bills passed only to have them vetoed by the Governor because most of the funds that would be paid to companies monitoring the individuals on ankle bracelets he was a high ranking member of. The largest of the companies also included as a senior partner the Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater. This was nothing more than an unfunded pay for play scheme.
The first article of interest we found was this A Sticking Point in Justice Debate: What Is a Violent Crime? | Oklahoma Watch. This article brings out a problem that the people who wrote State Questions 780 and 781 wrote failed to take into consideration. They either didn't consider it or they just wanted the money. Included in this article were several links that shows you how in depth the problem really is. Listening to the liberal press or the company that will benefit from these laws you would never imagine the depth of the effect of the damage they have done. We have made it easy for you by finding the articles and listing them for you here OCIS Document Index. This list all the various criminal offenses that are covered by those two question.
The next link you need to open is this OSCN Found Document:Required Service of Minimum Percentage of Sentence - Offenses Specified. We urge you to open this link and read the article. It is an actual list of crimes that are mandated by law that required eighty-five percent (85%) of their sentence before they are eligible for parole.
The next link you need to open is this OSCN Found Document:Definitions. This gives you the definitions of certain crimes that are considered violent by nature. We find that this list is hard to get past when you want to consider individual non-violent offenses. What is really missing from all of these definitions and list is how it affects the victims. To an individual or even to a family breaking into their home while they are away from home violates their personal well-being and is every bit as devastating as being assaulted physically.
The next article of interest we found was this Seven things to know about SQ 780, 781 | News OK. This is another article that is a must to open the link and read for yourself. The two State Questions created a program that was to be run from the savings of not sending people to prison. The problem with that is since the mid-90's the state has been contracting with private prisons. These private prisons cost the state just over ninety two million dollars a year. The way the contracts are written, the state must pay for the beds they have contracted for even if those beds are empty. These contracts became necessary simply because the legislature and the governor signed stricter sentencing laws into effect in the 90's. Where they made the fatal error was that they failed to take any action to correct a problem that has existed within Oklahoma State owned prisons since the 1950's. They in fact created the need for the private prisons. So in steps a Social Justice warrior who is actually seeking to make a profit off an error he was unable to fix while he spent twelve (12) years in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma Reclassification of Some Drug and Property Crimes as Misdemeanors, State Question 780 (2016) - Ballotpedia. This article is well worth the time of reading for yourself. It gives a brief description of a few of the changes subject to change by this State Question being passed. It also points out a major flaw in the passing of both questions 780 and 781. The flaw is stated "The prison cost savings brought about by State Question 780 were intended to be allocated according to the companion initiative State Question 781. State Question 781 was designed to allocate funds made available by the prison cost savings to counties in proportion to their population and could be claimed by privately-run rehabilitative organizations that provide drug and mental health treatment, job training and education programs." What these two initiatives have given the citizens of the state of Oklahoma is an unfunded program designed to make retired politicians a way to keep milking the tax payers after they have finished their careers. It is truly unfathomable to think that a third initiative that would have made this program feasible would have been one designed to cancel the contracts with the private prisons in Oklahoma. Like it or not there will be no savings from these changes until such time as the contracts with the private prisons are canceled or they are not renewed. Whether they are empty or full those beds are still going to have to be paid for until then. That currently runs to over $92 million dollars a year.
The real tragedy of this is the list of organizations involved in getting the legislation passed. The Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform website they listed the following endorsements for State Questions 780 and 781.
The chief proponent was former Speaker of the House and Social Justice Warrior Kris Steele. He was a Republican for his entire political career but what we referred to as an undocumented Democrat.
Some of the organizations involved included the ACLU, CEO Works, Family Policy Institute of Oklahoma, George Kaiser Family Foundation and many more. There were also numerous individual endorsements. If only people would learn to research the subject before endorsing something, things would be different. We guess you just can't fix stupid.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma senator files bill to change voters' criminal justice reform decision | The biggest voice in the crowd was former Speaker Kris Steele. He was at the capital almost daily in an effort to get this bill killed. We'll even provide you a copy of the bill here AMENDMENTS/Amendment & Engr/SB649 HASB & ENGR.PDF. What has basically happened here is former Speaker Steele and the media whipped up everyone into such frenzy over possibly changing what was passed. What they failed to do was take into consideration the various sentencing guidelines that needed to be changed. The way their Question is written a former violent felon who even so much as forgets to pay for a candy bar is released back into the population with no further jail time involved. That is not prison sentencing reform. That is prison work release that puts the lives and property of everyone in the state in danger.
The next article of interest we found was this Punishment and Profits: A brief history of private prisons in Oklahoma. While private prisons have been around for at least two centuries, the industry didn't make its way into Oklahoma until 1995. Most people will blame the harsher sentences people get on the federal government, but they would only be partially correct. Part of the reason is the war on drugs and the tougher sentencing guidelines. We can't help but wonder if our state legislature has ever heard of the 10th Amendment. There was absolutely no justifiable reason that our own state legislature had to apply those same tougher sentencing guidelines to state cases. The lobbyist for the private prison firms waved a little cash in front of their faces and they got what they wanted. That is no way to lead a cub scout pack much less be a leader of the state.
The next article we found was this Private Prisons in Oklahoma. This is a simple map of the locations of the various private prisons in the state. You might want to open the link and see if you live near one for your own safety.
The next article of interest we found was this U.S. Justice Department plans to end use of private prisons | News OK. We find this article to be significant. We can't help but wonder if this was done on an order from the former President, or if they found something that caused them to rethink the use of private prisons. We believe it was a combination of both.
The next article of interest we found was this Private prisons prove costly in Oklahoma | News OK. This article is dated October 18, 2015. At that time it cost the state of Oklahoma $92.2 million dollars to rent space for private beds. What makes the problem even worse is the fact that in neither state run or privately run prisons do inmates truly get a chance to learn a skill that they can use outside of prison. A good part of our overcrowding problem stems from the repeat offender that knows no other way to make a living.
The next article is this Oklahoma's private prisons operate in secrecy, advocacy group says | Metro & Region | We are fully aware that this article is from a left leaning think tank. That doesn't change the fact that when you are right on a subject you are right. The records of these facilities involving Oklahoma inmates should be open to the public. They signed a contract with the state and should understand that they are subject to the same laws as the Department of Corrections.
There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from all of this. Former Speaker Steele lost this battle while he was still a member of the House and now he thinks he's found a way to win. A social justice warrior his entire life, he was unable to separate his personal feelings from his goal of protecting the citizens of Oklahoma. He chose profit over the protection of the residents. Because of the complex nature currently on the state Statutes involving various crimes, the legislation was justified for the safety of the residents. For a man that served twelve years in the state legislature he should have known better.