Monday, May 30, 2016

Paying Back the Donor Class Instead of Following the Will of the People

By the Watchman

It's not very often a bill passes both chambers of the legislature and gets vetoed by the Governor. It's also unusual for a bill that passed with such a majority is not overridden by both chambers of the legislature, yet that is exactly what happened. Last week we promised you that we would make life a little miserable for those in office that changed their vote and voted no on the override. This is just the begging.

The bill we are talking about is House Bill 3016 which you can read here ENR/hB/HB3016 ENR.PDF . This bill would have made a new law that would have forced big pharma to provide a list of ingredients contained in each vaccine that our children have to take. It would appear that this was the way for our Governor to repay all the contributions to her campaign from big pharma. She needed an excuse to ignore the will of the people and she decided to side with big pharma instead of ongoing research that indicates some ingredients in vaccines may be the cause of autism. Apparently she feels parents shouldn't have the right to make an informed decision on their own. This is why career politicians must go. These do not recommend Oklahoma values.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


By the Watchman  It's not often citizens get to watch the wasteful mismanagement of their tax dollars in such a way as we have been able to here in Oklahoma this year. The Reddest State in the Union has acted more like the Bluest state in the union. The last eight years have seen a constant growth in the size of our government and a constant decline in the Republican Party's willingness to abide by its platform. There has been a complete and total breakdown of leadership in the GOP starting with the State Chairperson and Governor and working its way down to municipal and county level government. We now find our state a week before the constitutionally mandated end of the legislative session without a budget, $1.3 billion dollars to fill and our House of Representatives has taken the weekend off. They say they can close the gap without a tax increase, but they've already raised our taxes once and the House has approved a second tax increase. Do they honestly think we are that stupid?

  The tax increase we are talking about can be read here . We would recommend that you open this link and read the bill. You'll find that not all of this proposed tax increase on car tags will go to the Department of Public Safety. First of all they are wasting tax dollars by re-designing the license plates. This is their justification for raising the tax on your car tag. Twenty percent (20%) of the taxes collected would go into the State Tax Commission's revolving fund. And there you have it. This is a bill that raises taxes on those who can least afford it so the political class can waste it on projects the people don't want and don't need.

  The next item of interest we found was this House Votes. This link is a must to be opened. It is the votes of all the Representatives of the House as they occurred. You will notice that this was a very controversial bill. If only the individuals marked as excused had been present there would have been a chance that this bill would have failed. Sometimes the Speaker plans votes this way.

  As of the writing of this article the Senate had not taken a vote on the bill yet. We urge all of our readers to contact their Senators to vote no on this bill. They can take some of that oil tax credit money back to cover this instead of putting the screws to the little people.

  Fair warning to all of those that have voted yes on this bill. You and your record will be exposed to the public for your entire corrupt attitude. With luck, we won't have to put up with your treacherous ways next year.


By the Watchman   Rarely in one's lifetime does a person get to see the implosion of a political party? We feel we saw such an implosion of the Oklahoma Republican Party this last weekend. What makes this an even sadder case is the leadership of the party and our elected officials led the way. The Republican Party of Oklahoma is no longer the Party of smaller government, fewer regulations and fewer taxes. They have become the Democratic Party on steroids.

  The statement of one of the attendees quoted here "One of the first things I noticed this morning was the exceptionally low attendance at the OKGOP State Convention. One year ago at the state convention to elect a new chairman we had over 1400 (the incumbent only got around 20%of the vote)… This year, a presidential election year, we had 850.This shows a true lack of confidence in the OKGOP. We should have had close to 2500 or more. Then after watching the majority of the OKGOP pose restrictions on our second amendment rights and be more pro-money than pro-life, it's no wonder. It was a sad day in Oklahoma, but not a real shocker."  Tales similar to this were told by many of the party faithful who had been betrayed by the party they had stood by all their lives.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Corruption Runs Deep in Creek County

Sometimes a lead on a story will come from an unusual place. This is one of those stories. I first became aware of this story from this post on facebook (86) Alliance of Independent and Rural Oklahomans. After reading it we decided it was worth looking into just to see if there was anything to the case as stated. A review of court records proved fruitless. I did verify that the individual in question was on parole for embezzlement from the Federal Parole System. Missing was the arrest for the stolen AR-15 and sight and the possession of numerous weapons by a convicted felon. That left us suspicious enough to look a little deeper. The citizens of Creek County and the State of Oklahoma should be glad I did. There is a decade’s long history of corruption in both the Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s office that I will only touch the surface of here. Certain judges seem to feel that they are above the law and act accordingly. The legal system in Creek County offers Justice only to those who can pay for it.
I first took a look at the judge mentioned in the article above. The first item of interest I found was this Joe Sam Vassar - Ballotpedia. This tells us that the Judge was re-elected un-opposed in 2010 and 2014. Maybe that has given him a feeling of invincibility. This is a feeling of power that no elected official should ever have. It often proves to be a fatal flaw to their career.
The next article of interest I found was this Judge Vassar man of few words - Tulsa World: Legalnewsfeatures. What makes this interesting is the quote contained in the article in part “I always hope that I will be remembered as a lawyer….” He made that statement as he was receiving an award from his associates. The only question I have is will he be remembered as an honest, impartial judge or not? I think not.
The next article of interest I found was this "The Robing Room: OK State Judges. Although it fell short of actually rating the Judge in individual subjects, the comment section proved to be much more revealing. Those comments ranged from being a nice guy, but known as the smiling assassin in 2008, to an elderly first time offender saying he’s very nice to appear before. He put him at ease in 2012 to he is nothing more than an extension of the state in 2013. I would say this is an indication of extreme moodiness and stress.
The next article of interest I found was this Judge gives killer additional life sentence - - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - |. This article left me a little dumbfounded. We were unable to determine what the judge meant when he said a man serving a sentence of life without parole and an additional sentence of life for the rape and murder of a 12 year old little girl would be out of prison in about 55 years. Is there something about life without parole that the people of Oklahoma aren’t being told? We believe the Judge needs to address this statement.
The next article of interest I found was this Judge rules on text messages in drug court case | News | Now it is important that this link be opened and read. This is the first real evidence of a softness towards those in the legal profession we see where the Judge has made a ruling. He’ll call it judicial discretion but most people would call it judicial bias.
The next article of interest I found was this Oklahoma judge indicted twice by state grand jury | News OK. This is a first case where Judge Vassar has ruled in favor of a fellow Judge. Once again a clear demonstration on Judicial Bias.
The next article of interest I found was this "STATE OF OKLAHOMA vs. ABRAM, KERRI LYNN " (CF-2015-00029) | On Demand Court Records. I wanted to show you what a case against an ordinary citizen looked like in Judge Vassar’s court. I abhor the abuse of any animals and feel that the defendant got off light, but he does have a felony conviction on his record.
The next article of interest I found was this DA takes case to Supremes – The Bigheart Times, Osage County's Weekly Newspaper. From what the District Attorney of Pawnee County is saying it warrants an investigation into the drug arrest in the county to see if in fact a Drug Court is warranted, or if this is just a Judge making a job for a long time former employee. Either way the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the Oklahoma Drug Enforcement Agency should examine the allegations being made by the District Attorney. After all a multi-county Grand Jury did issue two indictments over this issue.
The next article of interest I found was this Committee on Judicial Elections. We find that it is completely inappropriate for a sitting judge with so much turmoil around him at this time to be sitting on this board. How can a Judge who has demonstrated clear bias to those in the legal profession are counted on to select honest people to run for office as District Court Judge.  Judge Vassar should resign from this post or the Oklahoma Bar Association should remove him from this post immediately. If they refuse, action by the Governor should be taken.
The next article of interest I found was this Case Against Tulsa Judge Dropped | What is it with judges in Eastern Oklahoma who like to expose themselves. This case was dismissed without prejudice meaning it can be re-filed at a later date. Once again Judge Vassar was presiding judge.
The next article of interest I found was this STATE v. MARCUM :: 2014 :: Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Decisions :: Oklahoma Case Law :: Oklahoma Law :: U.S. Law :: Ju. This is another link you should open and read. It’s long, but it will give you more than the reason that Judge Vassar’s ruling on the text messages mentioned earlier was reversed, it will also tell you why our federal authorities are getting away with it on a daily basis. This is all the more reason stronger privacy laws are needed. This is why you need to stay on the back of your Senators and Representatives to protect your rights.
The next article of interest I found was this District Attorneys Council - Max Cook. It’s just one page and he appears to be the current District Attorney for Creek and Okfuskee Counties. The man’s has a job and a half on his hands and we are about to show you a few examples why.
The next article of interest I found was this Former Creek County Sheriff's Office Investigator Charged With E - - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports -. This is another link that is well worth opening and reading. A long time criminal investigator for the Creek County Sheriff’s Office managed to embezzle almost $9,000.00 from the property safe over a several year period. The matter only came to light when the Sheriff’s Office was scheduled to relocate and the Sheriff ordered an inventory of the safe. It seems this investigator that was arrested was the only one that had the key. That sure seems like a strange way to run a property room.
This next article really takes the cake STATE OKLAHOMA BAR ASS v. ERICKSON | FindLaw. This is a case that the Oklahoma Bar Association took disciplinary action against a Tulsa Attorney for allegedly attempting to bribe an Assistant District Attorney. I read the transcript and interpreted to indicate that the attorney’s in question were just joking. That the attorney attempted his best that it was not to be done especially with the OSBI investigating the office at that time and that the Attorney he had joked with wasn’t even on the case. I also noted that no such action was taken against the Deputy District Attorney who made the initial offer to begin with.
The next article of interest I found was this DA investigator arrested | Tulsa Today. This is an indication of some deep rooted instability within the District Attorney’s Investigators office. This was a man who was an armed officer who was very volatile. Protective Orders generally prohibit a person from being able to possess a handgun. On the night in question, this individual even threatened to shoot the police and chop his wife up in a wood chopper.
The next article of interest I found was this OKC attorney wanted for probation violation after positive alcohol test | News OK. I can’t help but wonder if a little judicial bias went in to the initial sentencing of this attorney to begin with. Most people on a first offense would find themselves in DUI School, a fine, restitution and community service. This guy got probation and he violated it in the most horrendous way. I can only hope that the judge declared a mistrial in the case and allowed the defendant enough time to bring a new attorney up to speed.

From what I have discovered the legal and judicial system in Creek County is broken. You have a Senior Judge inserting himself in a case that has federal implications and federal parole violations. No records of the arrest are available on line. The county is running amuck. The time for correction and honest law enforcement has come. It is now time for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and  the Federal Bureau of Investigation initiate a complete and total lockdown of the law enforcement and judicial system in Creek County. It’s time for the Oklahoma State Attorney General to appoint special prosecutors to review and prosecute, if necessary any outstanding cases within the county. It’s time to bring this criminal empire to an end.