Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How's it feel Adam Pugh?

 SD 41 Challenger

By the Watchman

This candidate possess a challenge not only to the residents of Senate District 41, but also to the residents of House District 82. It would appear that he was undecided about what office to run for until the very last minute. It appears he thought it would be easier to fill an empty seat than it would be to take on an incumbent. We wouldn't doubt that it is. As of now he faces a run-off election between himself and Paul Blair.

What led to the confusion on which office he was seeking was this article Adam Pugh for Oklahoma State House | Indiegogo. This article indicates that he had every intentions of running for the Seat in the House of Representatives. Don't misunderstand us. We could use a lot more good solid conservatives in both chambers of the legislature. So it makes us sit up and take notice when he doesn't follow through with what he had indicated. Its America he can do as he pleases, but we can't help but ask why?

Frustrated Teachers aren’t Going to Make Good Legislators

By the Watchman

  We here at the Sooner Tea Party fully understand the frustration of our educators regarding pay and classroom size. We have ourselves sat here and been amazed at the lack of leadership demonstrated by our political leaders at the state capitol year after year. We've watched the administrative staffs of most districts grow at a rate four times faster than the rate of the student population and three times faster than the rate of the number of educators. We've also witnessed many of our best educators leave the state because they could get better pay elsewhere. We do not believe that educators leaving the classroom during the school year is the appropriate way to get the changes they seek done.

To be completely open about this, we do not usually write about Democratic candidates or legislators unless they or their supporters have really made a mistake. This is one of those instances. Last week we mentioned one article contained in a blog written by a Tulsa school district teacher who thinks he's so smart that he even amazes himself. It goes without saying that he was following Saul Alinsky's book, Rules for Radicals, to the letter. That's typical of what Democrats do. We hope that the parents in Tulsa have approved that their children are taught History by a socialist.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Public Education Lobbyists And the Big Lies

Nasty Politics Foretells a Nasty Politician

 By the Watchman
  There are several run off races for party nominations for office in November that are coming up next month. A few of them are some of the alleged Education Caucus against regular citizens running for office and some aren't. One article has caught our attention because it clearly shows the dangers involved when an ideology gets control of a system. The writer is brave enough to claim "Tulsa area teacher, educational consultant and general inspirer of minds young and old. Everything I say is so wise even I can hardly believe it. Feel free to concur." You can find that quote on his blog at

  What brought our attention to this particular race was this article.   We get the opinion from the article that he is for the "Education Caucus" candidate. That's his prerogative and we will defend to the death his right to say so. What we cannot defend is his blatant attempt at smearing a candidate without submitting any actual reference material to substantiate his claim. Doing things like that are the ways of a person who has no real facts to support their claim. His blog is so hateful that it presents an actual danger to his students and raises the question of whether or not he uses this type of material in the classroom.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016



George Price Hays
  As we prepare to celebrate the Independence of our Nation, we find that most people give very little thought as to what it took to keep our Nation free. Throughout the country you will find National Cemeteries dedicated to the brave men and women who have given their all so that you may enjoy your back yard cook out with your friends, family and neighbors this weekend and that extra day off. We are going to tell you the story of a young Oklahoman born abroad to missionary parents who dedicated his life to protecting this Nation and your freedom.

  The man we are talking about survived his wounds and went on to serve his country through the Second World War He eventually retired with the rank of Lt. General. The first information we found about this hero was here RootsWeb: HAYS-L [HAYS] HAYS, GEORGE PRICE;Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient WW I. We would urge you to open this link and read about the courage and the dedication this young 1st Lt. displayed at the second battle of the Marne during WW1. It will clearly show that it was his individual courage and fortitude that made that campaign a success. It will also show that it was a miracle that he even survived.



  We are going to bring up a subject that is close to every parent and grandparent in the state these days. That's educating of our children and grandchildren.  We bring this up because the citizens of Oklahoma are facing an assault on our wallets on two fronts this year. Both will be decided in the November election. The first is the penny sales tax increase for education that will be a state question on the ballot. It is being challenged at the Supreme Court however if it passes it will make Oklahoma the highest taxed state in the nation. That tax will eliminate the potential for job growth in Oklahoma.

The second is the attempt to form an education caucus in the legislature by electing current or former teachers who feel they are being short changed by the education dollars in the state. Sadly to a point we must agree with them. Over the last two decades the growth of the administrative staff of most school districts in the state has grown at the rate of four times the rate of the number of students while the growth of the teachers has remained steady or in some districts actually declined.