Monday, December 26, 2016

Taxpayer Money Used To Pay A Drunk's Salary

Taxpayer Money used to Pay a Drunk's Salary
By the Watchman

  What is it about our politicians continuing to make our state look like a bunch of fools? Have they lost their moral compass or is it they just don't care what people think. Why isn't his driver's license been suspended? Why hasn't he been in jail? Why this man is even allowed to be in control of our states money? There has to be a reason somewhere. We the citizens of Oklahoma are being a disservice by having this man holding the position.
Preston Doerflinger. - Photo credit, the Lost Ogle. 

  What brought our attention to this story was this article  Sooner This article was dated November 7, 2016. We saw that he was back in court again only this time it was on two counts. He had been charged with speeding and failure to provide proof of insurance. We find it hard to believe that an individual with his salary cannot afford to maintain insurance on a vehicle. We were unable to locate any information as to whether or not his vehicle was impounded during this stop. This article also gave credit to a report from The Lost Ogle, so we went there to see what we could find.

  Our search for the report of The Lost Ogle on this incident produced this Mary Fallin's right-hand man is in trouble… again | The Lost Ogle. This report, dated June 22, 2016, is one that we urge you to open the link and read. It spells out in plain English what having money and friends in high places can get you. The man was arrested on a Driving Under the Influence charge in Oklahoma City in January of 2015. To quote the Lost Ogle "Because he's not poor or a minority, has friends in very high places and can afford an attorney, the charges were eventually reduced to a speeding ticket as part of a plea deal. "He had several other catches in the plea deal. He was required to go through assessment and treatment, attend DUI school and AA. He was also required to maintain a clean driving record. He has failed to do so on several of these items.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Death of a Veteran but where are the Criminal Charges?

Death of a Veteran but where are the Criminal Charges?
By the Watchman
  We in this nation are fully aware of the mistreatment of our Veterans that have been going on for the last few years. These tales of not being able to get in to see a doctor too late to cure an illness have often ended in the death of an individual far before his or her time was due. We've always blamed it on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. It was logical because that was where the whistle blowers were coming from. Oklahoma's news channels failed to report on the local delays in getting appointments. They didn't want to upset the citizens of the state.
  What if you were to find out that there has been a death due to neglect by a state agency? What would be your reaction? We ask that for one simple reason. The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs runs several facilities in our state and they are failing those that need the care. The list of the facilities the run is found here Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs. The facility in question is in Talihina. The care this Veteran received harkens back to the treatments given to the wounded in the dark ages.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Senator or Lobbyist?

By the Watchman
What is it about educated people that they seem to lack the one vital element that truly makes them intelligent? That one element is common sense. In all appearances Senator Yen is ignoring the medical evidence out there in favor of lobbying for the vaccine industry. It appears that he has taken up his effort to force vaccinations on children in the State of Oklahoma once again in the upcoming legislative session. In case you haven't noticed Senator, there are far graver problems to address this year than placing our children under the communist rule of vaccination.

As is our custom we began our research by going to his home page at here Oklahoma State Senate - Senators. As is common with the Senators in Oklahoma, they give you as little information as possible. We do know that he was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1954. We do recognize the politically harrowing times between Taiwan and China that existed at those times and we fully understand their legal immigration to the United States while he was a child. He has done well for himself.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Buying your Way into Leadership


  Many of you have read this newsletter and have seen us report that Oklahoma is the most corrupt state in the union. This last election cycle proved it beyond the shadow of a doubt. A little known position in the House is House pro-tem. This season the seat was bought by a candidate by giving donations to other candidates in the amount of $500.00 for their vote for him to fill the position. We call that bribery. Both offering and accepting such a bribe, even if it's called a campaign donation, is a crime. In short we have a bunch of criminals running the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

We published a story last week that Representative Harold Wright actually gave campaign donations to his two competitors for the seat of Pro-Tem. That's what got us interested into investigating this story.