Monday, January 30, 2017

Is the Tobacco Settlement Settled?


the Watchman
Since 2001 the citizens of Oklahoma have lived under a voter approved Tobacco Settlement Endowment Fund that has proven itself to be cumbersome and untrustworthy. They have failed to keep up with the advances in smoking cessation and have failed to maintain the growth of their agency. They've outraged the citizens of the state by offering exorbitant salaries to top executives that even the Governor had to deny. It's leadership and board is stuffed with political cronies that are out to put their mark in the History books. They have placed people on the board that have helped them politically and have intentionally snubbed the voice of the Common Citizen. It is well past time that this agency and the way it is ran receives an overhaul.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Not By A Long Shot!

The Watchman
*Editors note:  This story is a bit dated as it was written a month ago and updated for the second accusations against Kirby.  However it serves as a great recap to remind everyone of the basics of the scandal so we are publishing it.

  Well folks our legislature has managed to make Oklahoma the laughing stock of the nation again. If you were to believe the story being told, the offending legislator knew nothing of the settlement. We find that hard to swallow. Not only is that hard to believe, but a now out of office term limited individual is claiming responsibility for the cover-up. It gets worse from this point. Not only did they cover it up, but they used tax payers dollars to do so. Considering the way the government just blows through money these days we feel confident that they didn't think a mere forty-four thousand five hundred dollars ($44,500.00) would be missed. Well it was. We feel confident in saying there isn't a school district out there that wouldn't have enjoyed that money so they could hire an additional teacher.

  We began our research by going to the offender official web site at here Representative Dan Kirby - Oklahoma House of Representatives . There was nothing out of the ordinary here except that he listed two daughters but no wife. We are sure he has his reasons and won't pry into them as they have no bearing on this article.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Another Form of Attacking Christians (Rep. Carol Bush)

Another Form of Attacking Christians Rep. Bush
By the Watchman

Why is it that we seem to repeatedly have trouble with candidates and elected officials from the Tulsa area? We certainly hope it's not like what's going on in Creek County. There one person decides whether or not you can run for office. We know that Tulsa has a strong GOP presence and party apparatus. So why didn't this candidate, now elected Representative get properly vetted? Who dropped the ball? Does the vetting of candidates need to be turned over to a professional group within the party appointed by the State Chair? All we can say is something must be done. There are far too many Democrats in Republican Clothing coming from the Northeastern part of the state for this to be a fluke.

We started by going to her web site at here Representative Carol Bush - Oklahoma House of Representatives. Taking into consideration that she has not even had a chance to update her information, we can say there was limited to almost no useful information on her web page. This actually did not come as a surprise to us.

In an undated interview on the she was the epitome of pride, arrogance and braggadocio. She was over confident since she was talking with a longtime friend in the interview. She probably was of the opinion that he would leave some of her more obnoxious remarks out. That must be why he's not working for the lame stream media. He didn't.  That must have come as a surprise to her. She does appear to be a failed business woman, but then how much business can a surf shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma do. We would call it a bad business decision. She worked for the Tulsa Crime Commission, but little to nothing has been done about the high crime rate. She worked for the Health Department for a period of time where her one big accomplishment was getting soda machines out of the schools. Now she managed to get herself elected by hiding her true colors throughout the campaign. Nice job of vetting candidate's people.