Monday, August 22, 2016


By the Watchman

In politics name recognition seems to go a long way. The other candidate for the Republican seat in Senate District 39 has a lot of name recognition. One would expect that from a former Head football coach for the University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane. He was once the starting quarterback for the team. What else does he offer to the citizens of District 39?

The first article of interest we found was this Former University of Tulsa football coach Dave Rader announces bid for state senate District 39 seat - With his name recognition and the troubles that Representative Sullivan was having at the time, this would have been a good time for him to hit the national political stage. We know there was a crowded field, but he stood a decent chance. Why not run for office then?

After his coaching career had ended, the citizens of Tulsa seemed to have gone all out to get him to run for the U.S. Congress. We found this article Draft Dave Rader For Congress Effort Underway | Tulsa Today. We cannot say why, but Mr. Rader couldn't be persuaded to run for the party's nomination or the citizens urging to run for the office.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Senator Yen Poster Boy for a Recall Law

By the Watchman 
  Thomas Jefferson is famous for numerous reasons. One saying that he is quoted to have said is "When the people fear the government there is tyranny; when the government fear sthe people there is liberty." Lately we sure have put a lot of petty tyrants in office from local governments on through the national government. We will present to you the facts as we have found them on one of those petty tyrants that are only half way through his first, and with any luck, only term as a State Senator. A man who believes that because he is a physician that he feels that he knows everything there is to know about all things medical. Yet he has the backing of the Governor and they both ignore the facts on medical records showing them to be wrong.

  The individual we're talking about is Senator Ervin Yen. We started our research by going to his web page at You can see it here Oklahoma State Senate - Senators. As we have found to be typical of our state Senators it was for the most part void of any information outside of bragging on himself.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Too Little Too Late we Think…

By the Watchman
  After decades of campaigning by the various teachers unions in the United States combined with the continuing decline of the quality of the education our children are receiving is it any wonder that the unions now want to take over state government. We think not. Do we feel the teachers have a legitimate complaint, the answer is yes? Do we feel that they are going about it the right way, the answer is no. We also wonder why they have ignored the repeated request for their backing from grass roots organizations trying to improve education in the state until now. We also wonder why they are going after the wrong target.

  A recent report put out by the State Treasurer which you can read here State Treasurer's Report: Oklahoma's Recession Hits The 1-Year Mark | KGOU clearly indicates that the state of Oklahoma has been in a depression for at the minimum of a year. We encourage you to open this link and read the article for yourself.  Everyone across the board took a cut in their budgets. Even education took a cut. Since the Democratic party is so much into paying their fair share why should you as teachers, followers of Alinski and Union members feel you should not have to pay your fair share? Wait I forgot. You're liberals. That only applies to Conservatives. How many people and especially teachers were aware of that? According to this report there is every indication that there will be less money available next year unless you take the time to identify the real problem and take it on.