Thursday, March 31, 2016

Turnpikes: Fiasco? Or Self-justification?

By the Watchman

  Everybody is acutely aware of the proposed building of the Turnpike in Eastern Oklahoma County.  It seems to have caught the residents of the area off guard. It's not though. The building of this turnpike was announced by the Governor back on October 15, 2015. That along with five other projects were mentioned in this article here OK Governor & Turnpike Authority Announce $900 Million Expansion & Improvement Project - Toll Roads News. It's just now coming to light because the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority has finally released preliminary plans and started holding meeting about those plans. They even plan to start construction on this project this year. Why the rush? Despite what the State Supreme Court says, do they plan on putting the tax payers in debt again by financing this with bonds? Will this turn out like their last project where tax payers had to bail them out and by the turnpike from them? This is idiotic at a time when we are $1.3 billion dollars short on the budget as it is.