Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Some Animals are More Equal Than Others

By the Watchman

In the world of politics nepotism is a common thing. It's often used to payback loyal supporters of the candidate should they be elected to office. We currently have such a case in the office of the Governor; it appears that a political appointee can't handle his liquor and feels he's above the law when his driver's license is revoked. In cases like this we must ask why is this man still drawing a tax funded paycheck? People like this are why we are considered the most corrupt state in the union.

What prompted our interest in this story was this Finance secretary accused of driving after license revoked | NewsOK.com. Now this is not the first time that Preston Doerflinger has been arrested since becoming the Finance Secretary. The story on this is so new, that we were unable to dig out any details on it over the internet. We are left wondering what special favors he will ask for this time to get out of this ticket.

Russel Drank the Koolaide

By the Watchman

  We in the grass roots community, regardless of the name you take, work hard on trying to select and support good, decent Conservatives to fill the halls of both chambers of Congress whether it's the National Capitol or the State. In this article we will present you with one of our failures. Regrettably the man is just finishing his first term in office, and we as a state need to make it his last.

  The individual we're talking about is Congressman Steve Russell. We can understand a little timidity during his first few months in office, but the fact is he fell in and started listening to the wrong man from Oklahoma that is on our delegation. That man is Representative Tom Cole. They must have become pretty good friends because they have an identical Conservative rating.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Next Speaker is a Disaster for the State

By the Watchman

  It appears that the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce has made a strong move to regain control of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Instead of following normal procedure and waiting until after the elections in November, they found it imperative to elect a speaker designate in early May. This same individual made an attempt to become speaker last year, but was shot down when this publication brought out concerns over shady donors and questionable trips made on his plane and where the money came from for those trips. Those questions haven't gone away.

  The individual we're talking about is Representative Charles McCall. The first article of interest we found was this Al Gerhart: Charles McCall's Speaker Campaign Implodes Over Fears of Junkets and Questionable Donors. This is the article that led us to research exactly what went on during the Caucus meeting that got the Representative elected. In addition it raises a question of ethics. Although it will be voted on again after the election, the newly elected Republican members will be intimidated by the sheer fact that this man had been elected speaker designate by the previous caucus.

  We next went to www.ok.gov to look at his web site and see how much information was available there. You can see the information here: Representative Charles McCall - Oklahoma House of Representatives
  It is evident that he prefers his privacy. There was very little information available on his brag sheet.  It doesn't have any family information or even educational information on it. It did list the bills he submitted this year and last. We just happened to go through them and only two of them were signed into law. Both of them happened to be tax increases. Just think of what we are in for with him as the Speaker of the House. He'll tax everything and everyone except those businesses that make up the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.

Change your Vote to Claim you Tried to do the Right Thing?

By the Watchman

  As we promised, we would identify all of those Representatives who changed their votes and failed to override the Governor's veto of informed consent on Vaccinations. Here we present to you the Representative of House District 18, Donnie Condit. Once again we see the first vote as an appeasement to his constituents for the sake of receiving their vote in the upcoming elections. These do not represent Oklahoma values or Oklahoma standards of honesty and fair play. This is more like Chicago style politics than what we should expect. Incidents like this just go to prove why Oklahoma is considered the most corrupt state in the Union.

  We started looking at the Representative by going to his brag sheet at www.ok.gov. Here is what we found Representative Donnie Condit - Oklahoma House of Representatives. All though this brag sheet doesn't cover everything, it does tell us enough to understand why he is a Democrat. In an era where most Democrats are changing to Republicans just to get elected, we have to admire his tenacity and courage to stick with the party he's been with for a very long time.

  The next article of interest we found was this Donnie Condit - Ballotpedia. We learned a lot from this article. We would like to know why they are justified for getting $160.00 a day per-diem for their stay in the capital. In addition we would like to have those records readily available to the public for a full disclosure. We would also like to know if they are being paid per-diem on days they are counted as absent for votes. If you add their base salary and per diem together, these people who pay little attention to the desires of their constituents are making a killing off our tax dollars.

  The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma Representative Donnie Condit [D] | LegiScan. Now this is only an average article. It does cover the last two sessions, but it misses a key element of both sessions. It fails to mention any of the bills that were brought to the House floor for a vote and failed. Now it is our opinion that if they are going to list the products of a congressional session, they should list them all. Only then can the people have a true feeling of what has been accomplished by their legislator.

HD 51, a Viable Candidate?

By the Watchman

 As we promised, we looked into the Democratic competition for House District 51. The seat is currently held by Republican Scott Biggs who has a tendency to vote the way the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce tells him to vote. We were hoping that a good viable candidate would challenge Mr. Biggs. We were soon to find that we were sorely disappointed.

  The first article of interest we found was this Charles L. Murdock - Ballotpedia. All this article tells us is that Mr. Murdock is running un-opposed for the chance to run as the Democratic candidate for House District 51. We really have no problem with that if he was truly out there campaigning as if he truly wanted the office. We are finding that that isn't the case.

  The next item of interest we found was this Majority of local races contested in 2016 election cycle | News | chickashanews.com. This article is well worth opening the link and reviewing it for yourself. It lists all of the races that would affect District 51. It even mentions the challenge that Senator Lankford faces in November.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

HD 51 Scott Biggs has Zero Integrity after Switching his Vote

By the Watchman

  Last week we indicated that we would be writing a series of articles on those House of Representative members who had changed their vote and opted not to override the Governor's veto of the Parental Choice House Bill 3016. This act would have required the pharmaceutical companies to provide a more detailed list of what was contained in each vaccine the state is requiring to give our children. They are basically performing a socialist act by enforcing a mandate that is illegal and ill-advised. It appears Bloody Mary finally made a partial payment to all the people who have kept her in office all of these years.

  The first person who is seeking re-election that changed his vote was this RINO Representative Scott Biggs - Oklahoma House of Representatives. What this particular page is the standard brag sheet called a web page for the Representative. We found it strange that he represents three of the hardest hit counties in the state during the recent series of storms, yet we never heard of him visiting his district in any news format of any kind. Does he simply not care?