Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Worst Republican Freshman In the Legislature

by the Watchman

We can understand the people of a district recognizing a name of a School Board Member that is seeking a higher office. We find it disturbing when we see candidates who run as Republicans who are really Democrats at heart. Unfortunately she even campaigned as a Conservative and won. It was painfully obvious that she needs a refresher course in the Oklahoma Constitution and a course in ethics wouldn't hurt either.

We began with the lowest scoring member in the House. We began by going to her state web site here
Representative Tammy West - Oklahoma House of Representatives. What we find interesting on this page is that she is assigned as Vice-Chair of the Higher Education and Career Tech committee. She is also the Vice Chairman of the Majority Caucus. Those are awfully lofty positions for someone serving their first term and first session in the House. We can't help but ask how many votes did she throw to get those positions? What promises did she make to the Speaker of the House?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Osborn Ignored State Constitution ... Again

The Watchman

We as citizens of the State of Oklahoma must ask ourselves if we are doing enough to protect ourselves from the vultures the fly around the halls of the State Capital in Oklahoma City. Judging by this year's budget battle the answer is clearly no. We remember the words of the Chair of the Appropriations Committee from May 2, 2017 in this article Tax increases can slow Oklahoma's economic growth | News OK. She also says "Energy production is a foundational element of Oklahoma's economy, but there are signs some state lawmakers are taking it for granted." She is correct. What she failed to mention is she is one of them. This is said just three weeks before they violate the Constitution and pass some of the biggest tax increases in state history. Once again they have failed to take any action towards expanding the economic base of the state. It's like nothing in the state matters but oil and gas. That is sheer lunacy.

We started by going to to look at her official biography page here Representative Leslie Osborn - Oklahoma House of Representatives. We found little information available on this page. It makes you wonder what she's hiding.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

McCall's Lack of Ethics

Whadda do you mean I suck at this job?

By the Watchman

We are living through perhaps the worst time in the history of the State of Oklahoma. At a time when the leadership of the House and Senate had within their grasp the opportunity to set a new course for the political and financial future of this state, they opted to violate the State Constitution and dare the Citizens of Oklahoma to take them to Court. Their desire will soon be granted. We found this news report dated the 8th of June, 2017 'I think it was to me just a matter of time:' Lawmakers unsurprised by tobacco lawsuit | What makes this more despicable is that they knew it would be challenged and didn't care.

The Speaker of the House made a massive turn to the left when the session started this year. This is evident here Freshmen Legislators & The Abandonment Of Principles - Sooner There were thirty nine freshmen Republicans that entered the House and Senate this year. Out of those only four Representatives and 2 Senators voted consistently with the Constitution on two of the key revenue bills. That is disgusting. Rest assured we have a copy of those votes and those that violated the state Constitution will see their name in this column in the near future.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Schultz Screws Over The People


The Watchman
So here we are. The calm before the storm. The legislature failed to do its job and pass a balanced budget. That is a debatable subject. They started the session knowing they had an almost $900 million dollar gap in the budget. This was a phony budget. The gap was the difference in what was coming into the state's coffers and what they wanted to spend. Even with all their trickery and word games they still left a $400 million dollar gap in the budget. A vast majority of which was passed in violation of the Oklahoma State Constitution. We must ask if these legislators that voted for these revenue increases in the last five days of the session are intelligent enough to hold the offices they occupy? We think not.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Legislators! Follow The Law!


By the Watchman. 

  Our state legislature is spending like a bunch of drunk sailors. Most people in America understand the basics of finances. You should never spend more than you can afford. So why is our legislature doing so and doing it in violation of the State Constitution and the blessing of the Governor on top of that. Why hasn't the Attorney General stepped in and brought this to a halt? What kind of idiocy is ruling our state? This is idiotic.

  The first article of interest we found was this Update: House, Senate committees approve $6.9 billion general appropriations bill | Capitol Report | Finally they reach a possible agreement, or did them. Instead of a tobacco tax of $1.50 they changed it to a fee of $1.50. There hope is to avoid the fact that they passed the deadline for revenue raising measures by the chancing of a few words. Most of the legislation being passed with less than the required supermajority that is required by law. We are a nation of laws and a state of laws. Since when did the elected members of our state feel that they had the authority to break the law anytime they felt like it didn't suit them.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Dog & Pony Show They Call A 'Budget'

By the Watchman

Last night the State Constitutional mandate for passing a budget passed without so much as a whisper from the Governor. For many years now you have seen us expose the liberal leanings of a vast majority of our elected officials. Most of you have ignored the warnings and the proof that we have provided so far. The debacle at the Capital over taxes and the budget shortfall only serves to highlight our point. This article should be proof enough by its self that a tax increase is not needed Liberal Donor to Group Pushing Okla. Tax Hike Avoided Millions in Taxes - Washington Free Beacon. The individual here, George Kaiser has a deep rooted history of feeding off the middle class tax payers. He made millions from the Obama administration scam known as Solyndra while the middle class tax payers paid the bill. It truly seems that the two parties have switch roles. It is now the Democrats in office who are fighting the tax increases instead of the Republicans.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fallin's Negligence of Duty, & The Cost To Taxpayers

By the Watchman
  Once again we find the leader of the state failing to make plans for what she knew was coming. Is this due to her lack of trust in the drunk she hired? Is it due to her lack of intelligence? We believe it's neither of those. We believe it is an outright display of her liberal tax and spend mentality that has always been there. Her spending habit is having a negative effect on our economy and our ability to draw new industries to the state of Oklahoma. It has strengthened the legislature's ability to pass tax increases and fee increases on to the public instead of taking the hard step of decreasing the size of government. Her actions have made what is considered the reddest state in the union more like the purplest state in the union.

  We began by going to Governor Mary Fallin's Wikipedia page here Mary Fallin - Wikipedia. We went there because it gave us the most up to date information on the Governor. This site covers her political career from her first term as a State Representative right through to her current term as Governor. There are many surprises in here that people should know.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Leslie Osborn Never Met A Tax She Didn't Like


Here we are near the end of the legislative session and we still haven't come to an agreement on a budget. Every single Senator and Representative at the Capital was fully aware that there would be a budget shortfall this year. In fact this is the third consecutive year in a row that there has been a shortfall. What we are witnessing is a complete lack of common since on the part of our legislators. They have proven that they are incapable of following even the simple rule of the six Ps. Those six Ps are simple. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. The one constant theme coming from our elected officials, including the Governor, is generating new sources of tax revenue. That's double talk for tax increases.

What brought our attention to this story was this article . We can't help but wonder if the Chair of the Appropriations Committee wasn't the price paid for a vote to be the Speaker by Mr. McCall. Who in their right mind would put an individual who has a RINO index score of 30 into a position of so much power? It would appear that the tax and spend liberals disguised as Republicans would continue to run the state in an unofficial capacity.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ignorance In The Oil & Gas Industry




Don't you love it when individuals that are supposed to be very intelligent in a certain field can argue about a subject and leave the biggest monkey on the back of the subject completely out of the discussion? We do. In fact we like it so much that it keeps us laughing all year long. Not only is our state morally bankrupt, but it's beginning to look like it's intellectually bankrupt, on the governance side, too.

We first became interested in this story when we read this John Tidwell: An irresponsible solution for Oklahoma's budget shortfall | Other voices | He starts his article off by saying that it's time for a dose of honesty and we would agree to a point. He does bring up the center piece of the problem. That is the tax credits given to the Oil and Gas industry. The numerous tax proposals that have been made are ludicrous. Uncontrolled spending is no reason to tax your citizens out of state. The claim that raising the taxes on the oil and gas production is something that must be done. When the citizens of Oklahoma were hurting as much as if not worse than the oil and gas companies the received nothing.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mullin Feels No Need To Represent His Constituents

By the Watchman
This is a tale of cowardice and misrepresentation of one of our U.S. Representatives. It also shows that he is willing to cheat to stay in office. We started looking at him when this story crossed our news feed. He has officially filed to run for office in the 2018 elections. There's a campaign promise broken.

When he was first running for office he said he wouldn't seek more than three terms. The official filing for office comes one day after being officially warned by the Federal Election Commission that he had accepted donations and made expenditures on his 2018 campaign without filing official candidacy for the 2018 cycle. What was he trying to do?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Republicans Receiving Help From George soros

  This article came across our news feeds and we thought that you would be interested in seeing it. We urge you to open the link and read the list here ( This list includes some of those we think as stalwarts of the Conservative Republican Party and even a former contender for the candidacy as President for the Republican Party.
  This is just a short article, however it should get every single voter out there thinking about the candidate they are voting for. George Soros is a fictitious name. He was born George Schwartz. A Hungarian Jew who was assigned the tasked of handing out orders of deportation to fellow Jews during WWII. This is verified here George Soros - Wikipedia. In our eyes that makes him a war criminal. Why is he allowed to be in this country? Why wasn't he prosecuted? Why are all these politicians selling out to him?

Okla. Dept. of Mental Health Adding Heartbreak To The Misery of Families

By the Watchman
One of the most tragic and least talked about departments within the state government is the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. These are the people that are supposed to be helping our residents get the treatment they need as well as individuals with addictions to get the care that they need. We can only ask how they can do that by selling off state facilities to private concerns and making only 300 beds available to the legal system for 77 counties. It just can't be done.
Oklahoma's Mental Health system seems to be running in reverse. We found this article that pretty much explains the challenges the mentally ill and addicted face Oklahoma's Mental Health System: Get Sicker First | Oklahoma Watch. So why then did they sell off so many of the state operated beds? Could it be that they have forgotten about the patients or is it that they just don't care? We believe that it could be a complete lack of proper leadership from the Commissioner and the remaining staff that has allowed this situation to develop.
We first went to the home page web site and looked at the administrative team here Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services - Administration Team. We found that we were only able to verify the education level of the Commissioner and the Chief Operating Officer. Although highly educated individuals both, neither has a medical degree in Psychology. The Commissioner has a master's degree in Social Work and the COO has a doctorate in Business Administration. We were unable to verify the education levels of the remaining staff.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Your Privacy For Sale

The Watchman

All of us are aware that it takes a lot of money to run a political campaign. The amounts are staggering at times. What we don't realize is the extent that politicians will go to in order to raise the funds to get themselves re-elected. Many of us are also aware that a select few companies were allowed to access the browser history of your computers in order to fashion advertisements that would be more directed towards you as an individual. Well hang on to your hats. The advertising game just made a big change and you are about to be flooded with directed ads. Recently President Trump signed into law a bill that authorized all internet providers to access and sell your browser history to firms that would like to direct advertising to you. That bill did come with a price. We will give you an idea of the cost in this report.

The first documented evidence we found of this pay for play scheme came with this report Here's how much Comcast paid members of Congress to sell your browser history . In this report you will find the name of every single member of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate that represents the state of Oklahoma. You'll also find the amount ComCast paid for their vote. Folks this is just from one company. The number of other companies involved has not been identified but the total amount could be staggering. The Oklahoma Federal delegation sold your privacy to fill their campaign coffers.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Nine Charts The Democrats Don't Want To Talk About

Nine Charts the Democrats Don't Want to Talk About
By the Watchman
While going through our news feeds we came across an article that was so profound that it took us a few days to absorb it and what it truly meant for every American and especially for every Oklahoman. We see many similarities with the current state of affairs in Oklahoma. All of this coming at a time when every Oklahoman is hurting, they want to raise taxes as a way to get out from under these debts. Before Governor Fallin took office that was the favorite battle cry of the Democratic Party.
We'll go through all of these charts and how they relate to the individual taxpayers of Oklahoma.
We'll start with Student loans. Student loan debt was pretty consistent all of the way through the mid 1990's. It started to rise rapidly until 2005. Then the cost just sky rocketed.  Then the Federal Government took over the Student loan process and the amount just skyrocketed. From what we can tell they are making little to no attempt to collect on these student loans.

The next graph is food stamps. The amount here went up and down depending on the economy. That would only stand to reason.  The Recession that hit in 2008 caused a dramatic jump in the number of people subsisting on the food stamp program. What you aren't being told is that it also saw a dramatic increase in the number of food stamp fraud cases in the country.  Most have gone uninvestigated and unpunished. Additional debt was added when it took three years to come to an agreement on a Farm bill in Congress that only aided in accumulating debt in the program. The Chair of the Committee actually called a ten (10) billion dollar cut over a ten year period a cut in the National Debt. The agreement raised the funding by eight hundred million dollars during the same time period.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fool the Media with Deception The Stealth Jihad

By the Watchman

  We feel reasonably certain that everyone has heard about the incident involving an Oklahoma State Representative, Muslim students and representatives of CAIR. There are a few things that were left out of the reports seen on television and reported in newspapers that we felt you should be made aware of. What brought this to our attention was this article Oklahoma lawmaker receiving backlash after asking Muslim students to fill out 'hateful' questionnaire before meeting with them. We do encourage our readers to open the link and read the article. We will put the entire article in this newsletter, with the only corrections being spelling corrections. At the end we'll give you a few additional subjects to think about. These are facts not mentioned in the article that the television news and newspapers were hoping no one would bring to your attention.

Rep. John Bennett confirmed to the Tulsa World that three Muslim students visiting his office as part of Muslim Day were given questionnaires. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Tax Increase Is still A Tax Increase, No Matter What you call It


The Watchman
Is it us or has everyone else also noticed that politicians are a rare breed. They feel a certain amount of power over the people that they are supposed to work for yet are perfectly willing to get up in front of those same people and tell them a bald faced lie. Perhaps the saddest part of it all is people honestly believe it. Politicians believe that if they can't dazzle you with their brilliance they can always baffle you with their bull crap. We see it in full display of all it gaudy glory during this session of the legislature.

In 2006 the federal government passed the Real I.D. Act. When they did so, they in effect established a National I.D. card. They took advantage of the left coast loons and the east coast power players to increase the steps towards total control of the American populace. In 2007 Oklahoma passed a law that said we would not comply with the Real I.D. Act. Even though that law was passed, the Department of Public Safety used tax payer's dollars to purchase and place in tag agencies the necessary camera's to take a picture of the quality necessary for facial recognition. We know of only one brave individual in the state who fought this and won.

Then we found this article Oklahoma now has Real ID law, but don't get in line yet for new driver's license - Tulsa World: Homepagelatest. Now we all knew this was going to happen. The Governor and a majority of the Senate have been pushing for it over the last couple of years. There have even been a few Representatives trying to get it passed. Well it passed because the state needed the money. In the new language of the Tax Increase, a Fee has taken on a new meaning. They say you can still get the non-compliant Driver's License, but that's going to be a logistical nightmare for them. If you want the compliant license it's going to cost you an extra five ($5.00) dollars. Since they already have the cameras in the facilities, they'll have a photo of you that is capable of being used for facial recognition anyway. It's a tax or in this case a fee scam. This is just one of the words that have a new meaning in a tax increase.

The next article of interest we found was this  We encourage all of you to open this link and read the article. You can really see how many different ways they can describe tax increases. We'll show you a few here.

BOLD REFORMS FOR RECURRING REVENUES. The source is the Governor's budget proposal.

BROADEN THE TAX BASE. This comes from former State Senator Owen Laughlin's A Guide to Liberal Terms for the Legislative Session. This was a handout he used while on the campaign trail in 2010 for the office of the State Treasurer. The definition of this is "People paying existing taxes are fed up, so we need to find new things to tax for the first time in history." Fits the Fallin sales tax hike perfectly.

INVEST/INVESTMENT This one comes from House Appropriations and Budget Chair Leslie Osborn in an article from The Oklahoman: "Out of 101 people in the House, I've got 70 or 80 pragmatic members that will actually look at this and say it's time to invest (with new revenue)." Osborn, speaking on The Oklahoman's Political State podcast, referred to "pragmatic members" as those who might be willing to vote in favor of a tax increase. Does anyone besides the Muskogee Politico and us see a problem here? It's a simple problem. Invest or investing or investment usually implies using monies you already have. Representative Osborn you just made yourself the subject of my next article.

Now someone did try to be polite about raising your taxes by saying this. NEW RECURRING REVENUE. The source is a column by Scott Meacham, posted online by the Governor. Like we said, a much nicer way of saying "higher taxes."

What's important is that people being aware of the various terms that they are using to raise taxes on the working people of Oklahoma. There are other ways to raise the funds in this state however the state government just doesn't appear to be capable of doing what is necessary to get the job done.

At a time when the state is in a financial crisis these pack of less than wise men thought they were justified in making the tax credit for the oil and gas industry permanent. Why? Most Oklahoma citizens are hurting as well however they got their tax cut removed and placed back into the state coffers to help make up the $1.3 billion dollar shortfall last year. Already during this session they have grown the size of government. That just goes to prove that we have a desperate lack of leadership and intelligence running the state. Between the last two years the state has had a shortfall of over $2.1 billion dollars in its budget. Yet they found $50 million for the Native American Heritage Center and the Tulsa Pop Museum. They also came up $66,000.00 plus to cover a sex scanda. What they haven't done is cut enough of the tax credits to the companies that finance their campaigns. They give out in excess of $2 billion dollars a year in tax credits there.

There is another big problem the state faces that they refuse to tackle. We must ask who would want to relocate a business to Oklahoma when their employees would be caught in a maze of turnpikes that will soon have more mileage than any other state in the union. It's past time to do away with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.

In closing the best we can say is that us taxpayers in Oklahoma are the unwilling, led by the unqualified to do the unnecessary for the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to do practically anything with nothing.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Tax Increase Is Still A Tax Increase

Is it us or has everyone else also noticed that politicians are a rare breed. They feel a certain amount of power over the people that they are supposed to work for yet are perfectly willing to get up in front of those same people and tell them a bald faced lie. Perhaps the saddest part of it all is people honestly believe it. Politicians believe that if they can't dazzle you with their brilliance they can always baffle you with their bull crap. We see it in full display of all it gaudy glory during this session of the legislature.

In 2006 the federal government passed the Real I.D. Act. When they did so, they in effect established a National I.D. card. They took advantage of the left coast loons and the east coast power players to increase the steps towards total control of the American populace. In 2007 Oklahoma passed a law that said we would not comply with the Real I.D. Act. Even though that law was passed, the Department of Public Safety used tax payer's dollars to purchase and place in tag agencies the necessary camera's to take a picture of the quality necessary for facial recognition. We know of only one brave individual in the state who fought this and won.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ponzi Scheme? Or Just Plain Theft?


We know that most of the residents of Oklahoma are aware that the state of Oklahoma has had its second budget failure in a row declared today. Did we really or did we just not make enough income for what the state wanted to spend it on? Have you ever wondered why they kept the budget making process so secret. Some information dropped into our hands today that will surely have every single politician at the state capital screaming their heads off. It will also show that the tax increase proposal was nothing more than a ploy to be able to keep their campaign donors happy. It will also show that a vast majority of our legislators, elected officials and appointed officials are in it to make themselves rich and not for the welfare of the citizens or the state of Oklahoma.

The first article of interest we found was this It's the revenue, stupid! (Guest post: Ken Miller). Our state budget is required by law to be balanced each year. For the last two years now drastic cuts have been made to every department in the state because of the shortage of revenue. What we didn't see, with the exception of the education system, was a cut in personnel or a hiring freeze. In fact we saw absolutely no attempt to shrink the size of government in this time period. What kind of fools do you people in the legislature think we citizens are?

Monday, March 20, 2017

What Drives This Narcissist?


Well we all know it's that time of year. Time for the annual Looney Tunes convention at the State Capitol. Some may call that disrespectful however when you consider the legislation they choose to pursue is based on the whim of the chair of the committee, it comes into more clarity. Many laws or changes to laws that are in desperate need will go unattended while bills pushed by lobbyist will be heard in the committees and on the floors of both chambers. We would like to say to our elected officials that there is a difference between being smart and being intelligent. To be intelligent you must be smart but you must also have the common sense necessary for critical thought. A vast majority of you at the State Capitol sorely lack that common sense. Senator Yen leads the pack by far.

This is not the first story we have written about Senator Yen, but we did start at his official web page here Oklahoma State Senate - Senators. As is typical with the Senate they give you as little information as they can. We can say that the Senator is a Naturalized Citizen from Taiwan. He was brought to America at a young age by his parents by a fear of invasion by the Communist Chinese of the island of Taiwan which remains a free country to this day. The state of the world was much different in those days and they did have a very real and justified fear.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fallin's Own Words & Actions Come Back to Haunt Her

The Watchman

For years many of us have said that politicians say what the people want to hear and do the opposite anyway. Often that is very hard to prove. In the case of Governor Fallin we have it in writing. We have her own words rewarding big business in Oklahoma while burdening the common working people with exorbitant taxes. She seeks to placate the majority of the people by eliminating the tax on groceries, yet she rewards those that donate the most to political campaigns by seeking to eliminate the business tax. We will use her own words from her State of the State Address, her 2014 Campaign site and a pledge she made in 2010 as a candidate for Governor to show you that she has sat here for the last six plus years and lied to the citizens of the State of Oklahoma.

We didn't have to go very far back to expose the lies that the Governor has made to the citizens of this great state. We went back to her first campaign for Governor when she made a promise to the people and even signed a statement to the fact that she would oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes. You can see that sworn pledge for yourself here

Sunday, February 12, 2017

George Soros Dirty Dozen


Most of us know that politics in America are corrupt. It's estimated that less than five hundred families contribute about sixty percent (60%) of the campaign contributions. One of the most powerful political financiers in American Politics today is George Soros. He is well known for assisting the Democratic Party and their causes. We've always suspected he supported some left of center Republicans but were never able to prove it until now.  Some of the names you'll see will absolutely disgust you. There are even some former Republican Presidential contenders included in the list. Some of these people are fighting President Trump on every move he makes. They do not deserve to be in the office the hold.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Democrats Involved In Sexual Misconduct At State Capitol


Last week we told you the story involving the Republican Representative and his sexual harassment of his office staff at the capital. He was not the only Representative accused of such activity. There was also a member of the Democratic side of the House accused. Once again this too was reported to the appropriate people with no action taken. This indicates that there is not only corruption by individual members of the House, but also corruption in the Human Resources Department which hires the other employees that work for them. What a mess to start the new session with.

Now things don't appear to be going very well in the investigation of these incidents. We came to that opinion with this article "It's not going to accomplish anything," Problems arise first day of secret meetings to investigate sexual harassment at the c. If our politicians act in their normal pattern they are correct. Everything that has been leaked so far has been about the Republican, and very few people even knew a Democrat was involved. They'll have their secret investigation and make the decision. The Representatives will lose their Chairmanship or Vice-Chairmanship of a committee and the tax payers will still be out the expense for the payoff from the Republicans indiscretion.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Is the Tobacco Settlement Settled?


the Watchman
Since 2001 the citizens of Oklahoma have lived under a voter approved Tobacco Settlement Endowment Fund that has proven itself to be cumbersome and untrustworthy. They have failed to keep up with the advances in smoking cessation and have failed to maintain the growth of their agency. They've outraged the citizens of the state by offering exorbitant salaries to top executives that even the Governor had to deny. It's leadership and board is stuffed with political cronies that are out to put their mark in the History books. They have placed people on the board that have helped them politically and have intentionally snubbed the voice of the Common Citizen. It is well past time that this agency and the way it is ran receives an overhaul.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Not By A Long Shot!

The Watchman
*Editors note:  This story is a bit dated as it was written a month ago and updated for the second accusations against Kirby.  However it serves as a great recap to remind everyone of the basics of the scandal so we are publishing it.

  Well folks our legislature has managed to make Oklahoma the laughing stock of the nation again. If you were to believe the story being told, the offending legislator knew nothing of the settlement. We find that hard to swallow. Not only is that hard to believe, but a now out of office term limited individual is claiming responsibility for the cover-up. It gets worse from this point. Not only did they cover it up, but they used tax payers dollars to do so. Considering the way the government just blows through money these days we feel confident that they didn't think a mere forty-four thousand five hundred dollars ($44,500.00) would be missed. Well it was. We feel confident in saying there isn't a school district out there that wouldn't have enjoyed that money so they could hire an additional teacher.

  We began our research by going to the offender official web site at here Representative Dan Kirby - Oklahoma House of Representatives . There was nothing out of the ordinary here except that he listed two daughters but no wife. We are sure he has his reasons and won't pry into them as they have no bearing on this article.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Another Form of Attacking Christians (Rep. Carol Bush)

Another Form of Attacking Christians Rep. Bush
By the Watchman

Why is it that we seem to repeatedly have trouble with candidates and elected officials from the Tulsa area? We certainly hope it's not like what's going on in Creek County. There one person decides whether or not you can run for office. We know that Tulsa has a strong GOP presence and party apparatus. So why didn't this candidate, now elected Representative get properly vetted? Who dropped the ball? Does the vetting of candidates need to be turned over to a professional group within the party appointed by the State Chair? All we can say is something must be done. There are far too many Democrats in Republican Clothing coming from the Northeastern part of the state for this to be a fluke.

We started by going to her web site at here Representative Carol Bush - Oklahoma House of Representatives. Taking into consideration that she has not even had a chance to update her information, we can say there was limited to almost no useful information on her web page. This actually did not come as a surprise to us.

In an undated interview on the she was the epitome of pride, arrogance and braggadocio. She was over confident since she was talking with a longtime friend in the interview. She probably was of the opinion that he would leave some of her more obnoxious remarks out. That must be why he's not working for the lame stream media. He didn't.  That must have come as a surprise to her. She does appear to be a failed business woman, but then how much business can a surf shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma do. We would call it a bad business decision. She worked for the Tulsa Crime Commission, but little to nothing has been done about the high crime rate. She worked for the Health Department for a period of time where her one big accomplishment was getting soda machines out of the schools. Now she managed to get herself elected by hiding her true colors throughout the campaign. Nice job of vetting candidate's people.