Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tulsa County GOP Chairman Mike Ford Threatens a Candidate

Tulsa GOP Chairman, Michael Ford
I’ve been watching the Tulsa County GOP Chair since he took office. I really wanted to see how he practiced his politics. In the beginning he acted like he was going to set the right tone. A person’s perception changes when they achieve a little power. We now have a prime example of “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
What brought me to this story was this article Sooner Sheriff Candidate Threatened By County Party Chairman. These actions are not those of a politician, but are those of a thug. This man has no business running any political organization much less a GOP County party. He has violated his very oath for which he took to undertake this office.
The next article of interest I found was this Tulsa County Republican Convention review | Tulsa Today. This is a report on the last county convention where it was in almost as much disarray as the last State Convention. This is where Mike Ford won election to a second term as County Chair by less than one percent.

Monday, April 4, 2016



Castro & Ho Chi Minh, in Viet Nam.
  There is little in this Nation’s history that provokes as much emotion and division as the Vietnam War. Much has been written about it. Many television documentaries have been produced and many protests against the war were conducted. Many secrets are still held about the conduct of the war. There have been rumors of American POW’s being sent to Russia, and those rumors may not be rumors at all. We are going to breach a subject here that will upset many Veterans of that war, including myself, associated with this newsletter, but it’s a story that demands to be told. It’s a story that has been well known within the halls of Congress, the Intelligence organizations and the most disheartening of all, within the Military Community since the 1960’s. We do this for all those who gave all for the service of their country.