Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lying Republican or a Truthful Democrat?

By The Watchman

  It would appear that the first RINO who has yet to be elected has already shown his colors. In fact before the runoff after the primary we covered both contenders on the Republican ticket. Those articles were published in July. Naturally a winner was selected and that turned out to be Adam Pugh. What has prompted this article was an article we found here COMMENTARY -- The problem with Pugh. Now it appears that during the primary and the runoff election that Mr. Pugh presented himself as a stalwart conservative that people could rely on. This turned out to be far from the truth.

  Now to be fair we went to the blog mentioned above and obtained a copy of it here #OKElections16 Apples to Apples: SD41 - Kevin McDonald (D) & Adam Pugh (R) | Blue Cereal Education. We were aware that Mr. Pugh was a selectee for the group APPLE, which is a pro-teacher's group. Most parents are on the side of teachers as it is. Where the surprise came was in the reply to the bloggers questions when Mr. Pugh stated "I don't support the current efforts for ESAs or vouchers." That's completely opposite of a majority of the Republican voters in District 41. His opponent doesn't even take that hard of a stance and he's an educator.

  The article we wrote warning the public of Mr. Pugh's deceit were published on July 26, 2016 in the Sooner Tea Party Newsletter and on www.SoonerPolitics.org  dated July 27, 2016. We told you that this man had experience working for politicians in Washington D.C.  We warned you that he was not all that he was claiming to be, yet you chose him anyway.

  We went to his campaign web site to see what information we could find there.  We find this to be rather ironic in nature. We don't doubt his patriotism, however he states "A patriot, not a politician. All too often our government, both locally and nationally, is made up of career politicians who have never served in the private or military sectors. That reality leaves a stark void of accomplishments where certain critical virtues of leadership and sacrifice are developed and proven," He's correct. We can't figure out why he doesn't consider himself a career politician. He ran for the House seat in 2014 and was defeated. He originally filed for the House seat again this year until he found that the Senate seat was open and he then filed for the Senate seat. He worked with career politicians in Washington D.C. That sure sounds like someone who wants to be a career politician to us.

  We also warned you that he was trying to make his career look better than it was. Throughout His biography he attempts to mislead the public by using the word "Aviator". Many will get the impression that he was a pilot. That is far from the truth of the matter. Those within the military community are fully aware of what his job was as an aviator aboard the type of aircraft he flew aboard. What it amounted to was a glorified airborne air traffic controller. Don't let this smooth talking politician fool you.

  Now that the truth about his political leanings has come out we cannot recommend this man to be elected to the Oklahoma State Senate. We don't need another Senator who owes their allegiance to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. At this point and time the Democrat has at least been honest with the people.

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