Monday, November 14, 2016

A Will to Win that Destroyed a Company

By the Watchman. 
  There is nothing like last minute distractions right before an election. It seems that may be what we have going on here. In this article we must ask a simple question. Why in the world would a partner in a business described as a "rising star" risk it all by cheating? Why would they risk throwing their career, reputation and life away just to get a political office? This individual and his firm have brought even more dishonor to our state and to the political process we have so many that have fought and died for. Their actions are just plain disgraceful.

  The company we are talking about is AH Strategies. We began our research by going to their web site here Who We Are | AH Strategies. This is a list of the partners in the firm. The founder, Fount Holland, is the individual we are most interested in. He started this company in his home in 1997. He did show some initiative.

  What brought our attention to Mr. Holland was this High-profile losses, criminal investigation hit powerful Oklahoma political consulting firm A.H. Strategies | News OK. This raises serious doubt about the firm and the individual client that was also charged in this case. What makes matters worse is the candidate implicated happens to be the State Superintendent of Public Education. What kind of an example is this setting for our children?

  This brings up the question of how many others has he done this for? We found this list of candidates on his web site Candidates | AH Strategies. Have there been any improprieties with any of these other candidates? We don't know. We do feel that the Oklahoma Ethics Commission should do a review of these candidates for any misdeeds that may have been done.

  The next part of their web site was this Why We Do It | AH Strategies. We find it difficult to belief that they can claim "Our clients deserve the best we have to offer, because they are positively impacting our nation's future." We feel they might want to modify that statement since the founder of the company is currently facing felony charges for cheating. Somehow we don't feel that's the best they had to offer. In fact all it did was add another layer of corruption to the most corrupt state in the union.

  The next article in their web site disclosed another company owned by Mr. Holland called Majority Designs. How they are working the operation is explained here What We Do | AH Strategies. This is where the actual work gets done. Now Majority Designs is an award winning company. It's been recognized throughout the country. We can't help but wonder what will happen to the firm now.

  This is the campaign that has gotten the politician and AH Strategies into so much trouble Oklahoma state schools Superintendent Joy Hofmeister charged with campaign violations, conspiracy | News OK. These are just two of the five people charged with these felony counts of campaign fundraising violations and conspiracy. We here don't believe that is the example we want to be set for our children and grandchildren. At this point in time we must consider them innocent until proven guilty however Superintendent Hofmeister you are doing the student of this state a dishonor by remaining in your position until this matter is resolved. Mr. Holland you should sell your interest in the two companies and use it for your defense attorney. You should have nothing to do with politics until this matter is resolved.

  The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma State Superintendent pleads not guilty to campaign finance violations, conspiracy | This was to be expected. We also knew she would fight the charges against her. It is our opinion that she is just working to see what kind of deal she can get from the District Attorney.

  We also found this article Outside groups blame AH Strategies, Fount Holland for Shannon's loss . This article blames AH Strategies for T.W. Shannon's loss in his bid for the open Senate seat two years ago. This clearly shows that they have had some high profile lose.

  In closing all we can do is recommend that the politicians in this state put some distance between themselves and AH Strategies. The other partners there would be wise to suspend or even buy out Mr. Holland's shares in the companies. That is the only way you can survive as a firm. We will be tracking this story as it progresses through the court system. 

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