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Another Form of Attacking Christians (Rep. Carol Bush)

Another Form of Attacking Christians Rep. Bush
By the Watchman

Why is it that we seem to repeatedly have trouble with candidates and elected officials from the Tulsa area? We certainly hope it's not like what's going on in Creek County. There one person decides whether or not you can run for office. We know that Tulsa has a strong GOP presence and party apparatus. So why didn't this candidate, now elected Representative get properly vetted? Who dropped the ball? Does the vetting of candidates need to be turned over to a professional group within the party appointed by the State Chair? All we can say is something must be done. There are far too many Democrats in Republican Clothing coming from the Northeastern part of the state for this to be a fluke.

We started by going to her web site at here Representative Carol Bush - Oklahoma House of Representatives. Taking into consideration that she has not even had a chance to update her information, we can say there was limited to almost no useful information on her web page. This actually did not come as a surprise to us.

In an undated interview on the she was the epitome of pride, arrogance and braggadocio. She was over confident since she was talking with a longtime friend in the interview. She probably was of the opinion that he would leave some of her more obnoxious remarks out. That must be why he's not working for the lame stream media. He didn't.  That must have come as a surprise to her. She does appear to be a failed business woman, but then how much business can a surf shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma do. We would call it a bad business decision. She worked for the Tulsa Crime Commission, but little to nothing has been done about the high crime rate. She worked for the Health Department for a period of time where her one big accomplishment was getting soda machines out of the schools. Now she managed to get herself elected by hiding her true colors throughout the campaign. Nice job of vetting candidate's people.

Then without any idea as to what has actually happened in the state as far as school financing goes, she agreed with the interviewer that Oklahoma has cut the education budget more than any other state since 2008. She hasn't any idea that education spending has actually increased every year except last year. Most of the funds went to hiring administrative staff instead of teachers. Administrators were hired at a rate of 4 to 1 over teachers. Using the Tulsa Public Schools as an example, they laid off almost 150 administrators and over 100 teachers. Instead of using the funds saved from the laid off administrators to retain teachers, they gave the remaining administrators a healthy pay raise claiming it was because they had to do more work.

She is pro-abortion in some instances, against Charter Schools ever receiving a dime of the funds parents have paid into public indoctrination schools. She's a firm believer in Obamacare, pro-gay rights and pro-tax increase on everything including the failed cigarette tax from last year. She's an advocate for a "Luxury Tax" and any other tax increase that might cross her desk. That's not even a moderate Republican stance. She's a full blown Democrat.

She started making enemies at her first Republican Caucus at the state Capital. Sticking with her liberal play book she attacked the Christian legislators the worst. She said "Okay, it was fine, a reunion of sorts for many, but then John Bennett (R-Sallisaw) spoke and I thought I was back at ORU and that was offensive. It was a prayer revival. Bible thumping and it shouldn't have been," Lady you could have expressed your view and walked out. No one made you stay. She goes on to say "And it wasn't just offensive to me—I am sitting in a row of about ten people and we're all looking at each other thinking What are you doing? Oh I'll pick a fight with him. We need to muffle his megaphone. And how the hell does he keep getting re-elected? Let's start there." Lady we Conservatives are wondering how the hell you ever got elected. 

She went even further. In a display of contempt for any religion she stated that Christians like Rep. John Bennett "sucks the energy out of real legislation and embarrasses the state. It has not gone unnoticed that this Christian gentleman that you have decided to deride and pick a fight with has not said a word against you. We recognize that you are entitled to your beliefs, however you should be willing to recognize the beliefs of others simply because the majority of the people who voted for you were Christians. We ask who is the most honest and dependable. It's certainly not with some Democrat dressed as a Republican who isn't even brave enough to put her party affiliation on her campaign literature. It certainly not from some hippie want to be that is so lack of guidance that they open a surf shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

During that same interview she demonstrated her complete lack of knowledge about the politics of the country when she made this statement "Yes absolutely. When I was campaigning, I'd knock on doors and ask questions, try to go deeper, and one woman said she'd never let her kids go into a public bathroom again because she didn't want them kidnapped and raped." She didn't stop to think of what was happening in Oklahoma at that time. Many stores and shopping malls even some schools were going to gender neutral bathrooms. Instead she did this. "And I Thought Oh dear God the ignorance. I said do you know who the pedophiles are? It's usually your white, next door neighbor. I laid into her because I was so angry about the ignorance." We can understand that anger. She herself has displayed a great amount of ignorance herself. She cuts a man down for his religion and then uses the Lords name in vain. We don't know what her religion is, and don't care. She needs to keep her religious views to herself and stop using the Lords name in vain.

Now this has to be the most disheartening detail about the vetting of this candidate now Representative. By her own admission Bush was recruited to run for the office by former Democrat Jeannie McDaniel. She even advocates for an assisted death law in Oklahoma to deal with her ill mother. That's a position the Democrats have stood for as a National Party for a couple of decades. There are other options that have been available for decades. She could use one of those, but this gives the appearance of someone in a hurry for an inheritance.

We next went to her campaign web site to see what she had on the issues. This is what we found Issues - Vote Carol Bush. We find her talking about the budget gap from last year yet she never mentions the anticipated $900 million dollar budget gap they face for this next year. She appears to be completely unaware of the lucrative tax credits given to various industries throughout the state. Is she even aware that while they struggled, and failed, to close that $1.3 billion dollar gap in the budget last year they made permanent one of the juiciest tax credits in the state. That was bought by campaign donations to the right people from the Governor on down through the Senate and House. Meanwhile the children of the state keep getting the short end be3cause of campaign contributions. That has to be one of the most idiotic moves ever made by any voting body worldwide ever and it was done for the lust of power.

The next article of interest we found was this Carol Bush (Oklahoma) - Ballotpedia. We were surprised to find this much information on the site so soon after the election. The only information we gained from this was the number of individuals who voted for her. She based her campaign on three hot button issues in the state. The same issue most candidates ran on and she has little understanding of. She goes as far as to claim her work with the Crime Prevention Network gives her firsthand knowledge about sensible criminal justice reform. This is a statement she let stand well after criminal justice reform had passed in the state by voters in two state questions. How much softer on crime does she want to get?

We next went to to see what information they had available on her. We started with her biography page and found no additional information about Ms. Bush on file.

We next went to the Issue Position page and found these two items Issue Position: Budget - Public Statements - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart and this Smart. We found that the wording of these two items are exactly like those written on her campaign web site. This indicates to us that someone inside her campaign submitted the information to We also noted the fact that one of her key issue items was missing from this page.

We next went to the Campaign finance page here Carol Bush's Campaign Finances - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. We almost immediately noticed a discrepancy. In one column it's indicated that she contributed only $350.00 to her campaign. On the very next page it indicated she contributed $5,000.00 to her campaign. We knew we needed to dig deeper.

The next article of interest we found was this Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce - Oklahoma and Tulsa BizPAC. Despite what they claim to be, this group is often found to support the candidate they feel they can have the most influence over. They did so in this case. They donated $1,000.00 to Carol Bush. This organization has ties to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.

The next article of interest we found was this RINO Alert: HD70 Rep. Carol Bush shows true colors. We urge you to open this link and read the article for yourself. People often refer to Oklahoma as the reddest state in the union, but they also refer to us as the most corrupt state in the union. This is one of the reasons why. This failed Surf Shop owner wants to turn our Oklahoma Values into those of California. The was being polite in calling her a RINO. She is pure leftist Democrat in the Hillary Clinton mode through and through.

The next article of interest we found was this One of the good ones - The Tulsa Voice - December A 2016. Now in all fairness the individual who wrote this story did admit in full disclosure that he had known Carol Bush since the days of the failed Surf Shop. We all know that the Northeastern part of the state leans to the left more than the rest of the state however calling a candidate or Representative who misrepresented herself throughout the campaign cannot be called one of the good ones in any bodies book unless you are a Democrat at heart. Her complete lack of understanding of the state budget and the problems facing the state are so bad that she should resign her position immediately.

We next went to the site to see what they had on her campaign finance reports. There was a lot of ground to cover. She first filed for office on Jan., 11 2016. There was an error and she had to refile on Jan. 16, 2016.   

For the reporting period of Jan 01, 2016 through Mar 31, 2016 we found that all of her campaign finance collections were from individual donors. However we also found that she lacked the confidence in fellow Oklahoma business's to trust their services and conducted a lot of business for campaign material out of state. It would seem that someone that was concerned with the state budget and unemployment would have spent that money closer to home.

For the time period of April 01, 2016 through June 13, 2013 we once again found that a vast majority of her campaign donations came from individuals. One of those donations stood out as it came from one of President Obama's biggest campaign bundlers and a profiteer from the collapse of the solar panel company. Needless to say we tax payers lost our shirts in that debacle.

  • May 10, 2016  George Kaiser                                     $1,000.00

She also accepted a contribution from a Political Action Committee. That is considered a special interest group.

  • May 20, 2016  Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police 93 PAC         $   250.00

For the time period of Jun 14, 2016 through Aug 08, 2016 we found an almost equal amount of donations between individuals and corporations, unions and political action committees. It should be noted that this is the first time she closed a reporting period with a debt in her campaign. We've listed a few below.

  • Aug 03, 2016 Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police 93 PAC           $   750.00
  • Jun 21, 2016 Oklahoma BIZ PAC                                            $1,000.00

For the period of Aug 08, 2016 through Oct 24, 2016 her donations from individuals was more than doubled by corporations, unions and political action committees. Below is some of what we found.

  • Sep 05, 2016   Citizens for Justice                              $2,500.00
  • Oct 17, 2016   Center for Legislative Excellence                   $1,000.00
  • Oct 17, 2016   Greater OKC Chamber Pac                 $   500.00

We could go on, but it just gets repetitive. Before her first day in office we can already tell that she is a Chambercrat. She'll do the bidding of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce no matter how repugnant it might be.

Rest assured that the information we have found and had not been disclosed to the site before is on its way to them so they can have a better picture of this Representative. Representative Bush your lying and deceit has brought you to our attention. No one, not even you have the right to belittle someone's Christian belief. You can rest assured that this organization will be watching every proposal you make, every vote that you make and every unconstitutional action you try to take and we will call you on it. Our advice is to surrender your seat now. We have no place in our government for bigots like you.

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  1. Again we play the victim card when met with opposing views. Shame that the good faith has been reduced to tears and fury rather than logic and reason. We must always respect the 2nd amendment and keep our religion seperate from our political views.