Monday, March 20, 2017

What Drives This Narcissist?


Well we all know it's that time of year. Time for the annual Looney Tunes convention at the State Capitol. Some may call that disrespectful however when you consider the legislation they choose to pursue is based on the whim of the chair of the committee, it comes into more clarity. Many laws or changes to laws that are in desperate need will go unattended while bills pushed by lobbyist will be heard in the committees and on the floors of both chambers. We would like to say to our elected officials that there is a difference between being smart and being intelligent. To be intelligent you must be smart but you must also have the common sense necessary for critical thought. A vast majority of you at the State Capitol sorely lack that common sense. Senator Yen leads the pack by far.

This is not the first story we have written about Senator Yen, but we did start at his official web page here Oklahoma State Senate - Senators. As is typical with the Senate they give you as little information as they can. We can say that the Senator is a Naturalized Citizen from Taiwan. He was brought to America at a young age by his parents by a fear of invasion by the Communist Chinese of the island of Taiwan which remains a free country to this day. The state of the world was much different in those days and they did have a very real and justified fear.
This session he poses a real danger to the ability of parents everywhere in the state of Oklahoma to be able to make medical decisions for their children. This year the bill is INT/SB/SB83 INT.PDF. This bill removes all medical, religious or parental choice from the ability of a parent to have their children vaccinated. This is the third year in a role that he has championed this bill. This time it's guaranteed a hearing in Committee simply because he is the Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee. What idiot president pro-tem assigned that to him? This is a man that refuses to even acknowledge scientific studies that prove vaccines are dangerous.

Then there is this Senator Ervin Yen, MD cowers in his office and refuses to see Oklahoma citizens. - YouTube. Whether he likes it or not the citizens have a right to a redress of their grievance. The actions he has taken here are denying them that right. That is on camera and on film. That is sufficient to remove him from his Chairmanship of his committee and warrants an investigation by the ethics committee. He's trying to form his own little empire there. In case you forgot Senator this is America not Communist China.

The next article of interest we found was this This is one of the reports that Senator Yen refuses to acknowledge. He accepts the report from the manufacturer, but refuses to accept a report from an independent laboratory that questions the results of the manufacturer. That doesn't say much about his willingness to accept results from anyone except those that finance his campaigns.

We fail to see how he can ignore this report CDC, WHO and Big Pharma Collaborate to Conceal Vaccine-Autism Link Data from Public. What's really hard to accept is that some scientist working for our government had to put their careers on the line and put their ethics over their careers to get the truth out to the American public. They became whistleblowers. Senator Yen doesn't even have the decency to acknowledge the work of these scientist. It's enough to make you wonder how good of a doctor he really is.

The next item of interest we found was this This is a list of fifty studies on vaccines that were left out of the American Academy of Pediatrics presentation to President Trump. If they were left out there what do you think the chances of your doctor seeing them are? We would say slim to none. Chances are Senator Yen wouldn't give them a second look before he tossed them into a trash can. President Eisenhower warned us of the Military Industrial Complex. We are here to warn you of the ever growing Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex.
The next item of interest we found was this Flu Vaccine Efficacy Reported in Media is Fake News Says Medical Doctor. This is something many people have been saying for a long time. Now we have Medical Doctors coming right out and stating it. How much more evidence does Senator Yen need?
The next item of interest we found was this To this we say if you use the tactics of a Marxist and refuse to even consider that there may be a legitimate argument against your proposal, then they are well deserved. The actions you are taking come straight from Alinski's Rules for Radicals. Yes they have been recognized and from this point on they will be used against you as well. Let's see how you like them being used against you.

The next article of interest we found was this We feel confident in saying that Senator Yen has never read this report. With the number of vaccines children are given today compared to the number given fifty years ago, this should come as no surprise. Children who are vaccinated are 4.7 fold times more likely to have a higher risk of Autism than those that don't. That is appalling.

The corruption between the big pharmaceutical companies and the government has now extended into the world of social media and search engines. We found this Media Wars: Google Blacklists Alternative Health Site There are many natural cures out there that many people use. Now they can no longer go to some of the websites using Google to locate the sites. We can't help but wonder how much big pharma is paying for that service?

The next article of interest we found was this Sen. Yen seeks to regulate, restrict Oklahoma midwives. Midwives have been around for a lot longer than Doctors have. This is, in our opinion, a move made from greed. This will either stop the practice of midwifery in the state and in turn drive the business to Doctor's or will require the midwifes to work under a Doctor for an annual fee. Either way is pure simple greed.

The next article of interest we found was this Physicians Opposed to Mandatory Vaccines Start "Physicians for Informed Consent" Organization. We again urge you to open this link to learn more about this group. We are not alone in this struggle.

The next article of interest we found was this Study: Almost All Vaccines Contaminated with Toxins and Linked to Side Effects. We urge you to open the link and read this article. This should be a must read article for every elected or appointed official at the State Capitol from the Governor, the Senate and the House. This indicates that every single vaccine we give to our children is poison. Why are we killing our own kids?

In conclusion we call on all member of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee to vote NO on the proposals of Senator Yen. We further call on the entire floor of the Senate to vote NO on his proposals should they reach that far. We call on the Speaker of the House to table the legislation should it clear the Senate. We further call on the President Pro-tem of the Senate to conduct an ethics investigation on Senator Yen and his campaign donations dominated by medical PAC's and organizations. We further call on the President Pro-tem to relieve Senator Yen of his position as Chair until such time as the ethics investigation is complete. We further call on the Oklahoma State Ethics Commission to investigate the actions of Senator Yen as being an unregistered lobbyist.

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