Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Claims Of The Attorney General

Whadda yah mean I gotta run for office after this?
Fallin can't just appoint me again?

By the Watchman

We've seen and heard a lot of bad decisions in our life time. Most of those are politically based decisions. This decision by the Attorney General of the State of Oklahoma has to be one of the most idiotic that we have ever heard. A Gubernatorial Candidate and Attorney doesn't have legal standing to challenge an illegally passed tax simply because he isn't buying a car at the time the tax goes into effect. That's as ludicrous as the Supreme Court's decision that residents of a district do not have the right to legally challenge the appointment by the Governor to the Supreme Court that lives outside of the district until after the Governor announces the candidate, when the announcement comes after the appointment has been approved. It's beginning to look like a mini dictatorship that is running the state.

The first article of interest we found was this Richardson to Challenge Tax Hikes in Supreme Court. We say good for him. Someone needed to challenge many of these unlawful taxes that are being implemented by this failure of a government. Not only has this administration failed in its fiduciary duties, the legislators are now walking around like they had nothing to do with passing thee bills. As far as we are concerned the lot of them can resign and the state would be better off.

We became aware of this story when we first read this article. It seems that the political flunky Hunter actually told the court, with a straight face, that the person would have to buy the car in order to have legal standing. Credit goes to Justice Colbert for recusing himself from the case. Justice Edmundson agreed with Mr. Richardson on the request for a stay on the implementation of the tax. Attorney Jerry Fent added his support to Mr. Richardson's suit.

We next found this article Auto dealers' lawsuit challenges Oklahoma's new vehicle sales tax | News OK. This is the second group to file against this law. This is more backing against the tax than the legislators expected. We can't help but wonder if the members of the Court and the administration were in hiding this long weekend. Them along with the legislators should be hiding their faces in disgrace for what they have done.

The next article of interest we found was this Richardson Issues Statement in Response to Denial of Car Sales Tax Stay. Here Mr. Richardson expressed his extreme disappointment in the denial of his stay for the tax on automobiles. What that means is until the Supreme Court makes a ruling, the citizens of Oklahoma will actually have to pay two taxes on any new or used vehicle they buy. We recognize that the sales tax was there, however it was suspended when they implemented the excise tax on vehicles. We guess the better than Four percent (4%) excise tax wasn't enough for the money hungry fools. Now we get to pay an additional one and a quarter percent sales tax (1.25%) on top of that. This will affect every Oklahoman in the near future and Mr. Hunter wants to say that Mr. Richardson has no standing to file the lawsuit? Remember that the next time you go to buy a car Mr. Hunter.

We found this article Third lawsuit filed over last-minute tax hikes. This not only verifies the Automobile Dealers Associations lawsuit, but it also list several other bills that are being challenged in the court. It seems our poorly lead and poorly informed legislators are not aware of the fact that according to the Oklahoma State Constitution any revenue raising bill that is passed with less than seventy-five percent (75%) of the vote of both chambers must go to the voters for their approval. Additionally any revenue increase bills passed in the last week of a session must go to a vote of the people. We wonder if they are aware of this or they just don't care what the State's Constitution says.

The next article of interest we found was this. We openly encourage our readers to open this link and read the article. What this boils down to is we have one political appointee of Governor Fallin's covering for the excessive spending of another political appointee of hers. That excess spending amounted to seven hundred million dollars. That rainy day fund that the Governor was so proud of is empty thanks to a drunk she appointed to run the state's finances. This is criminal neglect of his responsibilities.

The next article of interest we found was this Governor names Mike Hunter as Oklahoma's new attorney general | Homepagelatest | We are aware that she had to do something since her duly elected Attorney General accepted a job with the current Presidential Administration. This is a prime example of crony capitalism and why things never get done at the capital. Was it wrong to assign him as Attorney General? Ethically we say no but morally we say yes.

We also found this article regarding his appointment Secretary of State Mike Hunter appointed as attorney general by Governor Mary Fallin | This is just two different news organizations from two different parts of the state saying the same thing.

The next article of interest we found was this Michael J. Hunter - Wikipedia. We once again urge you to open this link and read the article. As an attorney this appears to indicate that he's been nothing but a political hack for most of his adult life. He also brings the stench and corruption of Washington politics back to the state. This isn't an individual that is going to care about the citizens of the state. All he's going to care about is covering his own ass.

The next article of interest we found was this New Oklahoma Attorney General Announces Staff Appointments | Oklahoma News | US News. Frankly we were more surprised that it made the national news than anything else. Anybody that has worked for a living knows that when new management comes in there are going to be changes. We believe that is all we are seeing here.

The next article we found was this NAAG | Oklahoma. He must have had everything prepared to where all he had to do was press the send key to get his name added to the list. We wonder if the state is paying for his membership to this organization.

Many people tried to warn the Governor and the Legislators about the fallout from these massive tax increases they wanted, but they passed them anyway. Stick this in your win column Governor Fallin, president pro-tem of the Senate Senator Mike Schultz and Speaker of the House Charles McCall. Because you illegally passed these bills we got this Oklahoma Watch Study: Oil, Gas Output Plummets Before Taxes Rise | Oklahoma Watch. The results were anticipated, but you wouldn't listen. Now the one source of income the state relies on will give you even less. We can only guess that the three of you like the book Alinski's Rules for Radicles. You seem to practice it very well.

There was another report we found that says the cuts weren't so deep here Oil Industry Group Finds Production Decline Less Steep | Oklahoma Watch. This report has not been published yet but there are indications in both reports that the wells will cease to produce after 30 years. This is a very gloomy that our state leadership has put us in. The top economic source of income for the state is rapidly declining and none of them have a better idea than to raise taxes and claim a tax payer has no legal standing in one suit because he wasn't buying a car at the time. I would be willing to bet that this clown has a copy of Mein Kompf in his book case.

There has been bad president set by the elected officials and the appointed officials of this state all year long. These tax increases, if allowed to stand, will result in more residents moving away and fewer companies wanting to move here to do business. That will equal a loss in jobs and a higher crime rate.

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