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Todd Lamb & The Slush Fund Shuffle

A Blast from the Past, Corn Vs. Lamb
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Here we are in the middle of November and they still haven't completed the work on the budget. We are getting close though. In the middle of this budget battle, some very disturbing things are coming out of the Health Department. We are all aware that the Health Commissioner resigned a week or so back. Preston Doerflinger was appointed to replace him. This sudden resignation had consequences. Those consequences have yet to be felt by the people who performed the fraud, but are already being felt by the citizens of the state of Oklahoma.

The first article of interest we found that directly affects the budget was this This is a direct resort of the lack of oversight by the state legislature and the state auditor. The biggest fault lies in the lap of Governor Fallin. Having unqualified people in positions that are so vital to the health and welfare to the citizens that are in dire need of these services is an indication that she is unqualified to sit in the chair as Governor of the State of Oklahoma.

The next article of interest we found was this . We were amazed at the disclosures in this article. This makes a case for the immediate resignation of the Governor and the Lt. Governor. The state was warned three years ago by the Attorney General and the F.B.I. about the shenanigans going on at the Department of Health and they did nothing. Their incompetence has left the tax payers with an additional $30 million dollar hole to fill.

The next article we found was this. This article indicates that the House passed a bill to give the Health Department the funds they requested in order for them to pay their personnel next month, yet we've been unable to see any indication that the Senate has taken any action on the legislation or that it has been approved by the Governor. They must be following the "Never let a crisis go to waste rule" at the capital these days.

This article tells you a lot about the shady accounting done at the Health Department . This article also turns the spot light on to the TSET program. It was discovered that the State Health Department was forced to end an $8.5 million dollar program with the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust that was funding grants for things like lighted walking trails at city parks. Since when did lighting walking trails in city parks become the responsibility of the Tobacco Settlement Fund or the State Health Department for that matter?

The next article we found was this. We feel that they are more than incorrect in this matter. Like the legislators they seem to feel that raising taxes is the only option that we have to dig ourselves out of this financial mess the state is in. They have forgotten a few items. The government is overgrown and bloated. It should be cut down to size either by layoffs or retirements. Then there's that $60 million dollars a year they spend on trinkets they hand out to visitors to their offices. Taxpayers shouldn't be responsible for that. They want the trinkets they should pay for it out of their campaign funds or their own pockets. There is also income tax reform. Instead of those that make the least paying the higher percentage of their income on taxes turn it around and let the upper class pay more of their fair share.

The next article we found was this. This story involves the budget committees for both chambers where they passed a proposal for a budget.

The next article of interest we found was this. We actually looked at all three channels in the Oklahoma City market and it was like they all seemed to have the same script writer. We only posted the one. This vote was scheduled for the House floor for Wednesday morning, but didn't actually pass until Wednesday afternoon.

Then we found this article . We urge you to open the link and read this article. This explains the political tricks and games the Speaker used to get this bill passed. For a banker he's pretty dishonest. Directly below we've included the tally board from Wednesday's House vote on HB 1019X. Find your legislator and let them know how you feel about their vote.

The next article we found was this . Now this is not a factual report from the news channel. Here we have several Senators complaining about the $60 million dollars in cuts that the agencies are going to have to absorb and they are complaining about it. We contacted the news channel about the factual error they made about all agencies having to take a cut. The House and Senate are not going to take a cut in the $60 million dollars they get annually for trinkets they hand out to visitors to their offices. Shocking isn't it. Let the common citizen suffer while those who make the decision keep laying on the fat.

Then the end of the special session saw the light. We found this article . To us this appears to be a piece of lazy reporting. It is nothing more than a rehash of the report of the House of Representatives report on the vote held on Wednesday and at the very end you'll find where the Senate voted to approve the legislation by a vote of 29 to 14.

The next article we found was this . This is the only good news to come out of this special session. The bad news out of this is that it doesn't become effective until November of 2018.

Even though we're almost two months past the start of the special session the Governor is still not happy with the results. She wanted her massive half billion dollar tax hike. She let her opinion be known to the press.

Throughout this debacle the members of our state legislature leadership and the Governor have proven that they are incapable and unwilling to make the hard decisions when necessary. We as a state are paying directors of various departments more than we pay our Governor. There are even a few Superintendents of School Districts making more than our Governor. The problem not only starts with the Governor and legislature, it permeates through the entire structure of our elected officials. Gary Richardson has said it more than once and we'll say it again, Oklahoma doesn't have a revenue problem it has a spending problem.

In conclusion there is only one thing that can be done to lower the cost of running the Government of the State of Oklahoma. Slash the number of people in the staff of government. It's bloated and cumbersome. Pass a law that any campaign funds a legislator may have in their account when they are removed or resign from office are forfeited to the Oklahoma Election Board to help cover the cost of a special election. Change the election laws to where there is only one election day per year. These measures in themselves will save the taxpayers a lot of money.

This special session could have been completely avoided. Our legislators need to start paying more attention to the calendar than anything else. They should resolve themselves to address no other legislation, except emergency funding for a disaster that has occurred in the state, until such time as a budget is passed. If they find they are unable to do that they should resign from their office. We once again call for a vote of no confidence in the Governor, the President pro tem of the Senate and the Speaker of the House. Threats and intimidation is no way to be a leader.

Then after all of this, Governor Fallin throws a temper tantrum and vetoes the legislation passed. She has not announced plans for a second special session but has indicated they will be soon. We would highly recommend that the next special session include articles of impeachment against the Governor.

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  1. what a coverup to the citizens of this state . corruption at ever turn , yet you can take our money behind tax payer backs and invest 3.7 million in movies just so oklahoma can make a name for its self ? called the arts and the maps program ,right . then you squander money to cover your slush fund so you can have trips and vacations and parites and cover your misdeeds off the backs of the people . we all know how corrupt government is and why would oklahoma be any different ? because you preach your crap and profess one things and do another . Not surprising. AUDIT every department and do your jobs ! and get rid of administrators consolidate schools and down size this budget ! 3.6 billion and only a 1/4 really makes this to schools . the rest being health care for teachers as well as retirements, folks we have a big problem . and this must change and the old system must change or this state will go bust .