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Fallin's Lies





Why in the world has it become natural for politicians to lie? Two of longest serving members of the U.S. House of Representatives consistently vote against the values of the U.S. Constitution, yet they come home every time and campaign as Conservatives. Our entire state legislature, with a few exceptions, does the same thing. As an example the Oklahoma State Constitution orders that a state Constitutional Convention be held every twenty years. The last one was held in 1974. That should tell people something. We the People of the State of Oklahoma have not had a Constitutional Government since 1994. That is over twenty three years that they have willfully and knowingly plundered the state and the people for their own benefit.

Tonight we are going to welcome in the New Year for Governor Fallin in a way she could never expect, nor ever recover from. As she starts her final year as a politician, we'll start out on the light side of things with this article . You'll definitely want to open this link and read the article. Who would have ever guessed that our Governor was proposed to at the Playboy Mansion? We definitely didn't see that one coming.

Then we found this article . This is an article well worth opening and reading. She must have thought that nobody would do a fact check on her charts. There are two sets of charts in here. One is the set used by Governor Fallin during the regular and first special sessions to try and convince them to raise your taxes. It included appropriated funds only. The other was produced by the Oklahoma Council on Public Affairs. If you take the time to compare the numbers you will find that the Governor's chart listed 29 agencies that had seen a thirty percent decrease in spending while OCPA's chart which includes other funds not appropriated by the legislature, only ten agencies have had to decrease spending by thirty percent. It even showed that thirty-seven of the agencies actually spent more than what was indicated by the Governor. She would probably call that a little white lie. We call it an attempt to pay back those who have supported her schemes and campaigns through the years.

The next article of interest we found was this Now this is a must read article. The corruption at the Health Department was at all levels. We fail to see why one of the men responsible for paying the bills was put in charge of this office. We forgot, He's the Governor's favorite drunk.

The next article of interest we found was this. This is a smart move on the part of the Governor however we find it to be too little and too late. The state has suffered budget problems consistently for several years now. This step should have been implemented several years ago. In addition there is no indication as to whether or not this includes the $60 million dollars a year the legislature spends on swag. It also fails to cover Oklahoma's own sex scandals of the last few years where the House of Representatives has used tax dollars to settle a case against one of their own members. You can't help but wonder how many payoffs for cover-ups there have actually been. D.C. would feel right at home in our two legislative Chambers.

The next article we found is a video here . Now this report is only about fifty percent accurate. Where it goes wrong is the I.D. cards for the National Guard. Yes she did in fact say she would not allow I.D. cards to same sex couple in the National Guard. What she did not tell you was that one of the I.D. card making machines was in fact moved to a National Guard facility that sits on Federal Government owned land. Same sex married couples could get their I.D. cards there. Once again she has tried to fool the citizens of this state.

Then we found this article . It's nice to no longer being considered the most obese state in the nation, but one would think she'd be more proud of the fact that Oklahoma is no longer considered the worst state in the nation.

The next article of interest we found was this. She blames the legislature for setting the State up for failure. She is only partially correct here. The state of Oklahoma's numbers of employment has grown to out of proportion with it needs. The Health Department asked for an additional 30 million dollars for its budget due to misappropriations. We can agree with that being done. What she doesn't seem to grasp and the legislature seems to fail to grasp this as well, is that you can't keep building turnpikes and expect people and companies to move here. They also fail to understand that the state needs to shift away from being a primarily oil and gas based economy. They need to spread their wings and bring more business's to the state. That's hoe to grow your tax base.

The next article of interest we found was this. We urge you to open this link and go through each tab that is available to you. The Governor is supposed to work for the people. She isn't. As you can see by the list she had a far more cash income to her campaign from major corporations, unions and single issue contributors. She has been working for their best interest not yours. Many of the Oklahoma based corporations are also the financial and driving force behind what the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce decides on legislation to support and not support. That is just plain pitiful.

The next article of interest we found was this . She is correct in her statement however she left out one critical item. One of the major problems we have in our education system is that the legislature passed a law putting the state under the Common Core Curriculum Standards. Parents and citizens woke up and began an effort to bring this dumbing down of our children to a halt. At this time she was the President of the National Governor's Conference. The cry from the public was so loud that she had to practically beg the legislature not to pass any legislation that would end the Common Core Curriculum Standards until her term as the president of that body was over. A compliant and useless legislature did her biding. The standards were reversed eventually, however millions of tax dollars had been wasted in proceeding with the implementation of the standards. Now she's calling for this. Once again too little too late.

The next article of interest we found was this . To fully understand this we must remember that her staff was in talks with the leadership of both chambers and the legislation passed was in agreement with her. Then she turned around and vetoed the majority of the legislation. The only part she did not veto was the part to cover the theft that was made at the Health Department. Then she indicated that she planned to hold a second session. She did call the second session for shortly after Thanksgiving. To the surprise of all, the only agency she seeked additional funding for was once again the Health Department. Now the Health Department said it needed these funds to prevent the layoff of 200 employees. Once the Governor signed the legislation the Health Department layed off those 200 employees anyway. That raises the question of whether or not the Health Department needed the funding or if the Governor was protecting her favorite drunk who is now head of the department?

The next article of interest we found was this. This article shows that she has an approval rating of only 35% and a disapproval rating of 55%. We must ask why the legislature didn't bring articles of impeachment up against her during the second special session. Instead they just approved the Governor's request and went home.

This next article has just taken the prize as the biggest political blunder of the year . She has set a legacy of pushing for the largest tax increase in state history while lying about the cuts agencies have had to take. During her tenure there hasn't been a year that the size of government has decreased. She has followed the model of increasing the size of government. Yet in this article she is supporting the President's call for tax cuts. We ask Madam Governor why are you so intent on punishing the tax payers instead of slowing the cost of government. Is this your final jab at the citizens of this state for your not being selected for a position within the Trump administration? Grow up and act like the leader you claim to be. You still have almost two billion dollars in tax credits out there that need to be cut before you could consider raising taxes.

Then there is this . This indicates that she along with those leaders of both chambers have given no thought what so ever in giving a cut to the tax incentives they hand out so readily. They still feel it's fair for the citizens to pay more than those who do little more than open companies in the state because of the tax give aways. We the people feel it's time to take the ability of raising taxes away from the legislature and mandate it to the vote of the people.

Then we found the below document. This is indicative of something to hide or that some sort of deal has been reached between the Governor's office and the Investigating Committee. She claims that her office wants to be full and transparent yet her office has never been full and transparent on anything. We'll refer back to her claim of denying I.D. cards to same sex couples in the Oklahoma National Guard as earlier reported.


MEDIA CONTACT:Michael McNutt, Communications
Governor Mary Fallin Statement on House Committee Withdrawing Subpoena on Chief of Staff
OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin today issued the following statement after the House of Representatives Special Investigation Committee withdrew its subpoena on her chief of staff, Chris Benge:
"My office wants full transparency on what caused the serious financial issues at the Oklahoma State Department of Health. On October 30, I brought together the fiscal staff of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, the state attorney general's office and the office of the state auditor and inspector to look into the matter to immediately investigate and bring forth clarity to the situation, and offer solutions to ensure proper fiscal management of the Department of Health. Legislative leaders have been briefed about the situation.
"All officials in the executive branch and agencies are happy to voluntarily assist the Oklahoma House Special Committee. It is also important that the House committee confers with the attorney general and the state auditor and inspector who have already begun looking into the Health Department 30 days ago.
"I am pleased this matter could be resolved professionally and amicably. This will bring all of us to focus and exert our energy and attention on developing a long-term, predictable solution to fix our budget, fund core services, and provide a teacher pay raise." 
Web: www.governor.ok.govFacebook:

This email was sent to using GovDelivery Communications Cloud on behalf of: Oklahoma Governor's Office · 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Room 212 · Oklahoma City, OK 73105 · 1-405-521-2342

In addition people are all upset over the use of tax payer's dollars being used by those in D.C. to pay off the settlements of sexual harassment complaints. It was under Governor Fallin's watch that our own House of Representatives spent over $43,000.00 dollars to settle a sexual harassment complaint of one of their own members. Why are we paying for their playing?

The only conclusion that can be reached is that we are a poorly led state and the reason for that is the legislature, meaning both chambers, have no idea what is spelled out in the state's Constitution. It's time the people stopped being afraid of the state and the state to be afraid of them. It has now become urgent that the citizens of Oklahoma gain the right to recall their elected leaders. It is also urgent that the citizens have more to say about the use and increases of taxes in the state. It is also urgent that the citizens of Oklahoma terminate the turnpike system which keeps many companies from locating to the state. It is time for new leadership that is willing to work with the people.

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