Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mary's Little Lamb Wants To Rule

 What better time to make a run for a statewide office in Oklahoma. The citizens are tired of the eight years of the Fallin administration even as she tries to stumble across the line demanding that taxes be raised on the working class of Oklahoma. She's hoping, as are the House and Senate, that we will forget the reason that Lt.Gov. Todd Lamb resigned from her cabinet. It was the raising of taxes. He resigned to start his campaign for Governor because the Governor wanted to remove those exemptions. In fact, Todd Lamb went on record saying, "$6.7 billion in sales tax exemptions were handed out, we need to look at these and get them removed." Yet he is not who the story is about tonight. We are doing a story about a political outsider trying to ride the tails of President Trumps victory into office.

 The individual we're talking about is Kevin Stitt. We first became aware of this candidate from this article by Jamison Faught of the We stored the information in our files as it appeared we might have a viable non-establishment Republican candidate

On that same day Faught published this article. Here is Stitt officially entering the race for Governor of the State of Oklahoma. Some of what he says in this article goes without argument. Our state has struggled under the enormous weight of mismanagement and poor leadership. Prime examples of that are being played out at the Capital as we write this article. We know of at least two bills to raise the pay of teachers without having to raise taxes have been presented to the House as we write this. Neither proposal even got a committee hearing. What has the House been talking about? We hope you're not surprised when we say bringing back the tax increases that were voted down in the special session. That is a prime example of poor leadership.

Then we found this article. Everything seems to be going his way. All the press for him has been good. Funding appears to be in order. He did have to make a sizable contribution to his own campaign to get the wheels turning, but people seemed to respect that about him. We knew we had to dig a little deeper into the campaign finances to see what was there.

Then we found this article. We would encourage you to open this link and read the article for yourself. He is correct. In fact, Oklahoma is rated the seventh most fiscally sound state in the union. We don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. To quote from the article "Better management, not more taxes, is what Oklahoma needs to become a top 0 state. Republican gubernatorial candidate Kevin Stitt said Monday morning at his formal campaign launch.

"Our state finances are in disarray, and the politicians have resorted to tax increases," Stitt said from a platform set up outside his Jenks based business, Gateway Mortgage Group. "This is no small thing. … We must learn to live within our means, and we must get our state growing again. We must create a state and a state government that can compete with our neighbors." Everything he said in his stump speech is true. The biggest thing is we need to make Oklahoma business friendly without all the tax incentives they currently give out every year.

Then we found this shocking article. Mr. Stitt is just another typical politician. We have asked for Freedom of Information Request from the states listed but have yet to have our request honored. It would appear that although we have had our own sexual harassment problems in the state which was paid for with tax payer's dollars, we don't need another one headed our way. This is straight from the article. The only thing we left out was a picture of him in a hoodie.
roll down for more Shady Kevin
 Will the Real Kevin Stitt please stand up?

 Kevin Stitt and Gateway Mortgage are currently being sued for millions of dollars by Fargo and Lehman Brothers for fraudulent loans that Gateway sold to these banks.

Gateway Mortgage was temporarily banned in Illinois for fraud and had to pay a hefty fine.

Business Insider also called Stitt and Gateway Mortgage "Shady" for selling twice as many bad loans as other companies.

Gateway Mortgage broke the law 25 times in Arkansas and faced up to $250,000 in fines

Gateway Mortgage sold millions of dollars in bad loans to companies like Lehman Brothers and Wells Fargo, contributing to the financial collapse in 2008 and 2009.

Stitt and Gateway Mortgage have been taking federal bailout dollars starting in 2010 and up to June 2017.

Kevin Stitt was personally accused of sex discrimination and Gateway Mortgage was sued for sexual harassment. Both cases were settled out of court.

 Based on the available information we would recommend that you stay as far away from this man at the voting booth as you can. If not, he'll have us looking like downtown Baghdad.

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