Monday, August 20, 2018

Our Secure Voting Machines?


As we are all well aware of the voting problem in the 2016 elections, we decided to investigate the security of voting machines and why the Republicans want photo identification before people vote. We were in shock about what we found. We have uncovered the reason that Democrats insist on not having voter identification. We believe it's the only way many Democrats remain in office.

We found this article from Newsweek. Yes, we are aware that they are a left leaning magazine. It would appear that this article is only left leaning. It doesn't try to blame either party, but it does include an admission by the manufacturer of certain voting machines that failed to include non-hackable software.

This is a story that was covered for a day by the main stream media, but we also found this article from Esquire magazine. It took a professor an hour and a half to hack the voting machines with a version of Windows XP on his computer.

We found this disturbing article from a web site a web site called We find it to be extremely dangerous to our Republic when an eleven-year-old is able to hack into our voting machines.

Then we found this shocking article. We found it unbelievable that our system of voting lacks a sufficient amount of software that even a seven-year-old was able to hack into it. How in the world was this not discovered by professionals working for the government is inconceivable. This is a crime against the citizens of not just Oklahoma. But also of the citizens of this Republic. We actually found it in a magazine called "Hacking News."

We found this article out of Sacramento that at least one seven year old that supports the fact that a seven-year-old hacked the voting site. Are government officials even paying attention? It sure doesn't look like it.

We then found this report from that indicates that the CIA isn't capable of blocking their own network from intrusion. This cyber attack cost the CIA at least 20 operatives in China. That are the ones they know were killed. They still haven't figured out how many were imprisoned or escaped.

We next found a group that had actually made a video that was called the A, B, C's of hacking a voting machine. You can find them here.

We found this article which should concern every voter in Oklahoma. The Department of Homeland Security found Oklahoma was one of the hacked states during the 2016 elections. Has this been talked about in the state legislature? Has the State Election Board even talked about it? This throws in the possibility if the true winners were elected or not. You will find the list of states that were hacked within this article.

We next came across this disturbing article out of Florida. There an eleven-year-old hacked the voting system and was able to change the results. This was done under state supervision to identify weaknesses in their system. The New York Times even covered the subject in this article. We would say that the title was appropriate. The myth of hacker proof voting machines has been verified. Our system of elections is in grave danger of being controlled by individuals that are not friends of this country, yet there is no appearance of any legislative body even attempting to solve the problem.

ABC News conducted their own test with eighteen kids. You can find the results here. The sites they hacked into were all of 2016 elections and they made a point. The question is how do they plan to fix it and how much is the taxpayers going to be hit in the pockets to pay for it.

The bottom line is the system is broken and the politicians don't want to fix it. It's the one way they stay in office. They want their names to go into the history books and the money and power that goes along with it. In short it's simple greed on their part.

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