Sunday, May 22, 2016


By the Watchman  It's not often citizens get to watch the wasteful mismanagement of their tax dollars in such a way as we have been able to here in Oklahoma this year. The Reddest State in the Union has acted more like the Bluest state in the union. The last eight years have seen a constant growth in the size of our government and a constant decline in the Republican Party's willingness to abide by its platform. There has been a complete and total breakdown of leadership in the GOP starting with the State Chairperson and Governor and working its way down to municipal and county level government. We now find our state a week before the constitutionally mandated end of the legislative session without a budget, $1.3 billion dollars to fill and our House of Representatives has taken the weekend off. They say they can close the gap without a tax increase, but they've already raised our taxes once and the House has approved a second tax increase. Do they honestly think we are that stupid?

  The tax increase we are talking about can be read here . We would recommend that you open this link and read the bill. You'll find that not all of this proposed tax increase on car tags will go to the Department of Public Safety. First of all they are wasting tax dollars by re-designing the license plates. This is their justification for raising the tax on your car tag. Twenty percent (20%) of the taxes collected would go into the State Tax Commission's revolving fund. And there you have it. This is a bill that raises taxes on those who can least afford it so the political class can waste it on projects the people don't want and don't need.

  The next item of interest we found was this House Votes. This link is a must to be opened. It is the votes of all the Representatives of the House as they occurred. You will notice that this was a very controversial bill. If only the individuals marked as excused had been present there would have been a chance that this bill would have failed. Sometimes the Speaker plans votes this way.

  As of the writing of this article the Senate had not taken a vote on the bill yet. We urge all of our readers to contact their Senators to vote no on this bill. They can take some of that oil tax credit money back to cover this instead of putting the screws to the little people.

  Fair warning to all of those that have voted yes on this bill. You and your record will be exposed to the public for your entire corrupt attitude. With luck, we won't have to put up with your treacherous ways next year.

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