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Nine Charts The Democrats Don't Want To Talk About

Nine Charts the Democrats Don't Want to Talk About
By the Watchman
While going through our news feeds we came across an article that was so profound that it took us a few days to absorb it and what it truly meant for every American and especially for every Oklahoman. We see many similarities with the current state of affairs in Oklahoma. All of this coming at a time when every Oklahoman is hurting, they want to raise taxes as a way to get out from under these debts. Before Governor Fallin took office that was the favorite battle cry of the Democratic Party.
We'll go through all of these charts and how they relate to the individual taxpayers of Oklahoma.
We'll start with Student loans. Student loan debt was pretty consistent all of the way through the mid 1990's. It started to rise rapidly until 2005. Then the cost just sky rocketed.  Then the Federal Government took over the Student loan process and the amount just skyrocketed. From what we can tell they are making little to no attempt to collect on these student loans.

The next graph is food stamps. The amount here went up and down depending on the economy. That would only stand to reason.  The Recession that hit in 2008 caused a dramatic jump in the number of people subsisting on the food stamp program. What you aren't being told is that it also saw a dramatic increase in the number of food stamp fraud cases in the country.  Most have gone uninvestigated and unpunished. Additional debt was added when it took three years to come to an agreement on a Farm bill in Congress that only aided in accumulating debt in the program. The Chair of the Committee actually called a ten (10) billion dollar cut over a ten year period a cut in the National Debt. The agreement raised the funding by eight hundred million dollars during the same time period.

Then we get to the Federal Debt. In eight years our National Debt was doubled by a tax and spend liberal president. This president ruled by the phone and the pen not by legislation. There was more corruption built into the budget than could be ignored yet it was. You just don't double the accumulated debt of a nation from all of the previous administrations and not know that corruption is built in.

We next go to money printing. The last administration was printing money on a scale not seen since the Weimar Republic of Germany after WWI. This of course is in accordance with the tax and spend policies of the Democratic Party, but with a twist. This time for a vast majority of the previous administrations time in office the Republican Party did nothing to curtail the growth in the spending or the printing of money.

Next we come to Health Insurance Cost.  We all know that the cost before Obamacare was high anyway. This change to Obamacare was advertised as a way to cut cost and make health care affordable. It has been well documented that the American public was lied to during the entire time of getting the legislation passed. The people who it was meant to help the most have seen their premiums and out of pocket expense go up so high that they can't even afford it with the government subsidies that they get. Instead of it being named the Affordable Care Act a more appropriate name would be The Unaffordable Care Act, but then you just had to pass it to find out what was in it. This piece of legislation came straight out of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

We next get to Work Force Participation. Right up front we went into a recession in 2008. There is no denying that. Political expediency kept extending the unemployment benefits for those that were laid off. The last administration was even bragging about bringing down the unemployment numbers. What they didn't tell you is how they brought the numbers down. They did it by removing people from the workforce when they stopped looking for work. Those are the people that never found a job. We now have the lowest Work Force Participation rate that we have seen since then end of WWII.

Then we get to the Workers Share of the Economy. That is exactly like it sounds. Who is making the profit from the workers labor? This is on a steady decline and has been for decades. It goes back to the saying that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This is not the only place you can see this happening.

The next graph deals with the Median Family Income. It has been on the decline for several years now. The latest figures available indicate that it is still on the decline. This started with the recession of 2008 and continues through today. Still we see no inclination, other from that of President Trump, to turn the situation around. In fact all we see are obstructionist on both sides of the aisle trying to prevent the average worker from being able to make an honest living.

Then there is Home Ownership. The American Dream is getting harder to achieve every single day. It's no secret the housing market crash had a lot to do with it. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac being the holders of home mortgages in the nation required a substantial bail out to cover the losses from all the sub-prime loans they made at the urging of the government. The market has never recovered. New homes are getting more expensive and median family incomes are growing smaller. It doesn't take a math genius to figure out that people are not able to afford these homes. The American Dream is out of reach for most Americans today.

There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from these charts. That conclusion is that the Democratic Party and former President Obama tried their best to create a Socialist Utopia here in America during the last eight years. They truly believe that they should never let a good crisis go to waste. There are enough progressive Republicans in office that feel the same way, and we will let you know who they are here in Oklahoma. Its pass the time for the State and the Federal Governments to learn to live within their means. It's time that they learned to stop planning for an increase in spending for the next fiscal year when they are being told constantly that tax revenue was less than expected for each month during the year. Its time they actually used the gray matter that sits between their ears for something useful.

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