Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Republicans Receiving Help From George soros

  This article came across our news feeds and we thought that you would be interested in seeing it. We urge you to open the link and read the list here (https://goo.gl/8cXLbw). This list includes some of those we think as stalwarts of the Conservative Republican Party and even a former contender for the candidacy as President for the Republican Party.
  This is just a short article, however it should get every single voter out there thinking about the candidate they are voting for. George Soros is a fictitious name. He was born George Schwartz. A Hungarian Jew who was assigned the tasked of handing out orders of deportation to fellow Jews during WWII. This is verified here George Soros - Wikipedia. In our eyes that makes him a war criminal. Why is he allowed to be in this country? Why wasn't he prosecuted? Why are all these politicians selling out to him?
  This is just a short insight into the character of the people financing the politicians of today. We hope that it will encourage you to do your own background check on the candidates that run for office. By doing so you can once again reclaim the government of We the People and not the government of the special interest groups.

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  1. According to Wikipedia, the source you cite, at age 13 Soros was one of many Jewish youths ordered by the Nazi-imposed Jewish Council to pass out deportation notices. He took the papers to his father who instructed him to give out the notices but tell the recipients that if they reported as ordered they would be deported. It's also the case that the family name was changed to Soros from Schwartz when George was 6 years old.
    Leaving out some key details allows the casual reader to imagine Soros as using a false name to join the Nazis and oppress his fellow Jews.
    Like the Koch Brothers, opponents paint Soros as an evil master political manipulator. Again like the Koch Brothers, all that money doesn't appear to be as influential as critics claim.