Sunday, August 27, 2017

Coins On Gravestones


Labor Day is coming up shortly. Many of you will see it as the official end of summer. Most of you will never give a thought as to the cost of your being able to spend the weekend in piece. Most managers of the nation's cemeteries aren't aware of this tradition that is followed by those who mourn those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. That needs to change

In the photograph above you see a headstone of a grave with an American Flag beside it and many coins cover the grave. Each one of those coins has a different meaning. We ask that from this point forward that all Cemetery Managers and the people that work for them honor this tradition. Just remember, all gave some and some gave all.

We'll start with the penny. Leaving a penny means that you visited this hero. This is something that should be done every time you visit.

Next there is the nickel. A nickel has a little more significance. It shows that you knew the individual by either having gone through boot camp or some other type of training with them. You were comrades in arms.

The dime is even closer to the individual. The dime indicates you served at the same time in the same unit but in a different platoon. Chances are you were in the same area of conflict when he paid the ultimate price.

Of all the coins you'll see the quarter is the most significant. The quarter shows that you were actually with the individual when he passed away. This is the most traumatizing event that could ever happen to the individual's family, but it also sears the soul of the individual who placed the coin there.

We ask that you remember this in the future. We ask that the directors of the cemeteries throughout the nation remember this and make the practice of removing the coins come to an end.

We would further hope that the State of Oklahoma pass legislation to make it illegal to remove said coins from the grave of a Veteran. You must remember, they gave their all so you could live today.

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