Monday, August 21, 2017

Taking Media Bias Even Lower

Nazi, Obama Supporter, Bernie Sanders Supporter or All Three?


We have all known that the main stream media has demonstrated a liberal bias since former President Obama was elected in 2008. This even applies to the local media outlets. We will say that the local media doesn't display the same level of bias as the national media outlets; still they get their stories and directions from the major broadcasters that they represent. Now one member of a prominent news broadcasting family in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area appears to have allowed his bias to slip into the blog that he writes. In this case he has lost all credibility when reporting any news on any subject.

What brought our attention to this story was this blog post 5 Oklahoma Confederate monuments that must be torn down… | The Lost Ogle. This article clearly shows that he supports the far lefts agenda of changing history to fit their needs. It would also indicate that he did little research into the facts about events at Charlottesville that has created this statue tearing down mess. It leaves us to wonder if he would agree that the statue of Communist Russia leader Lenin should be removed from downtown Seattle, Washington. We would also like to know if he feels that the statues of prominent U.S. figures and officials who were members of the KKK should be removed from inside the Nation's Capital?

Although four of the statues he lists are on state or county owned property, the fifth is not. The fifth is located in Tahlequah at the Cherokee National Tribal Headquarters. This sits within the exterior boundaries of the Cherokee Reservation and is subject to tribal control. You would have known that if you had just looked it up.

The next article of interest we found was this PBS Does Poll on Confed Monuments... Horrified by What Americans Really Think. Now PBS is another federally sponsored broadcasting company that is supposed to be neutral. We would urge you to read the results of this poll. Contrary to what the main stream media wants you to believe, the majority of the people in the nation do not want to see the destruction of the Confederate Statues. This is like the University of Chicago trying to rewrite history by placing a plaque on a building claiming President Lincoln was a Democrat. If you forget your past, you are bound to relive it over again.

The next article of interest we found was this Gettysburg Has Stunning Statement on Confederate Statues. This is within compliance with federal law. The law does not apply to state, county or city statues. It only applies to federal sites.

To save you a little time we took the liberty of looking the federal statute up for you. You can find it here
54 U.S.C. 320301 - National monuments. We urge you to open this link and read it. If you will scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see a yellow highlight over a particular part of the law that deals with this subject. You can even find the most up to date list of protected sites under this law.

What we feel may be the most telling part of the story coming from the main stream media and Charlottesville is this Bombshell: Leader of C'ville White Supremacist Protest True ID Revealed. This article needs to be read by all. In it you'll find tweets and emails that indicate that up until the night of the election, the organizer of the so called alt/right protest was an Obama and then Sanders supporter. It doesn't take a blind man to see the implications here. We believe the nation has been put on a fast road to another civil war.

In conclusion there is only one remedy that can be accomplished. All the groups that were involved in the utter madness in Charlottesville should be considered Domestic Terrorist. I'm talking not only those that were on the right like the KKK; I'm also talking like those on the left like Antifa. Whether you know it or not Antifa has been around since the 1930's. Research the history of the group and you will find that they are the violent wing of the Workers Party, a Communist organization. What we are witnessing is nothing short of a violent takeover of the way we are governed and the American way of life. This cannot be allowed to stand.

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