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Is Todd Lamb the Right Choice? Really?


Call me Mary's Little Lamb Again and I'll Shoot you






Just Another Sheep, Mary's Little Lamb


From the beginning we will admit that we are not impressed with the career of Lt. Governor Todd Lamb. If there is anything he has learned about politics, it's saying half-truth's and what people want to here. It would be refreshing to here the truth from a politician for a change. We're not getting it from the two leading candidates in the Republican party. What has brought our attention to this story was this article from the Musgokee Politico that indicates that Mr. Lamb and a complete outsider with shady business dealings are tied for the lead at a miserable 19% of the population willing to vote for either one of them. As much as each candidate has spent, that's totally discusting and shows a lack of enthusiasm for either candidate. 


We started by going to his official web page at . We found this page. We found it to be a rather boring and understated as to what he has done with his life. He has gone to college. He's an attorney, yet we found no mention of him ever having practiced the field for which he studied all those years to get his degree and license for.


We next went to his campaign web site. We specifically looked at his plan which you can see here. These are all the things that every politician in the state has been telling us for years. In truth he's just telling people what they want to hear. It's truly a shame that he had to drag his wife and children into this political duel. They deserve better than this. As is typical of liberal Republican's these days, he didn't even bother to identify the party he was running for on his web site. Is he ashamed of the Republican Party or what?


We next found this article. We would urge you to open this link and read it for yourself. You'll find that Mr. Lamb has been around the state political scene for most of his life. His father is a former State Senator and so is he. He has been around the state capitol since Frank Keating was Governor.


Then there is this article from the far left. He makes a good point about riding the Trump train into office, but he unfortunately, lets his liberal bias come through loud and clear. That's not good journalism. That's perpetuating a fake news story. We never saw anything like this when it was a Democratic President that was caught. Nor did we hear anything about the Democratic cheating scandal during the campaign.


We found a very good article in this story. What struck us the most about this story was the following quote "Lamb,46, a Republican running for Governor, has spent much of his adult life working at the Capitol – as an aide to former Governor Frank Keating, a state senator and as a lieutenant governor. He can hardly paint himself as an outsider in the governor's race.


He has instead argued that, in his current job, he's been a powerless spectator to the dysfunction in state government." We're not buying that b.s. story. He has been a part of the dysfunctional state government since the days of former Governor Frank Keating.

The next article of interest we found was this on tax increases. Now we don't know about you, but from where we stand, except for his brief service with the Secret Service, he's been nothing but a career politician. According to him in another report, which we will bring to you shortly, the state hands out $6.7 billion dollars a year in tax credits. That is enough for us to tell you that the State doesn't have a revenue problem that required a half a billion-dollar tax increase this year. It has a spending problem which they refuse to address just to pay their campaign financiers back for their campaign donations. The question is do we really want another career politician to be our governor. He's quick to tell you what you what you want to hear, but he's short on taking action.

News Ok asked several of the candidates about the recent tax increase for teachers pay raises. The results can be found in this article. We ourselves find it extremely difficult to swallow that the state ranked seventh in the nation as far as being the most fiscally sound would find it necessary to raise the taxes on the working class while barely taking a nibble from the corporate welfare program they operate.

This next article we found received a lot of publicity when it occurred. Most people thought it was a good thing. Those who watch Oklahoma's political scene took this as a political ploy. He fully understood that standing by any tax raising proposal would eliminate any chance he has of becoming the Governor of the state of Oklahoma. He saw a chance to jump ship and took it.


Then for the first time somebody looked at Todd Lambs non-profit. In this review the credit goes to for this article. The non-profit group is called the E Foundation. It is a registered 50 (c) 3 with the IRS. Quoting directly from their story "Part of the E Foundation's mission is to create nonpartisan programs that seek to help start-up businesses and grow jobs in the state. It also is planning to be a voice advocating for conservative and free-market policies, such as supporting charter schools, reining in government spending and ensuring the future of Oklahoma's military installations.


Experts in nonprofit law say the latter goal will require the foundation to walk a thin line because of its 501 (c) (3) structure greatly restricts it from engaging in lobbying and bars it from direct political activity." In short, they will have to form a new for-profit foundation to lobby to ensure the future of our military installations and they have the money behind this group to do it. We would urge you to open this article and read it for yourself.


from They brought out the fact that as much as he has traveled the state while Lt. Governor, less than 50% of the people didn't know who he was or didn't care. Those are not very good numbers for as long as he's been in office.


We next found this article on his stance on medical marijuana. We found his stance was consistent with that of the former Attorney General. He has mis-read the State Question and has framed it as something it isn't. Most of the interview was spent trying to distance himself from wearing the mantle of those terrible words of an establishment career politician. We can't help but wonder if he's ever had a job that wasn't paid for by taxpayers?


We next found this article. Yes, we know he is a liberal reporter, but here he makes a very valid point. Governor Mary Fallin isn't his biggest problem. He's sitting there trying to convince everyone that he's a Conservative, when all the while he's cozying up to some big-time players in the Oklahoma economic market. Borrowing a quote from the Lost Ogle "For those of you new to the show, Larry Nichols is one of Oklahoma's revered, respected and feared Oil Overlords." He's been mentioned as a member of the E Foundation and is a former head of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. It is the opinion of our staff that electing Todd Lamb as Governor would be like letting the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce run the state. They already own the House and Senate.

This next article we found here, is worth opening and looking at the date. The date is important here. This is when he actually filled for the office of Governor of Oklahoma. The reason it will become important will become evident in the next paragraph.


The first hint of his campaign finance reports was found here at We went through this report and found that it did contain numerous individual donors. There was also a list of expenditures. All had the appearance of legitimacy. What we didn't find was a list of donors from Political Action Committees, Unions, Political Parties or any special interest groups. We knew we would have to dig deeper.


We next went to to see what information they had available on him. What we found was this. We will say that it looks impressive, but it is typical of the path of a career politician. To those Veterans who are 100% disabled it's not. Hey wonder where his military service is.


We know that he was a former State Senator, so we looked at his voting record here. This does indicate a moderate Republican stance, yet he is running as a Conservative. He claims to want to do away with corporate welfare yet in this voting record we find that he is part of creating the problem. On April 5, 2008 they voted on SB 1819 Tax Rebates for Sports Franchises. He voted Yea. So, the OKC Thunder get a tax rebate and the hard-working citizens of the state get to pay over a half a billion dollars in tax increases. Tell us again how he is a Conservative because we aren't buying it.


We next went to the evaluation page and this is what we found. These are good numbers for business but not so good for the consumers. It's at this point we must ask who is he really working for?


The next article we found to be a little disturbing. It would seem that Bloomberg Business News is tracking the state of Oklahoma as if it was a corporation. That just goes to show how infested with corporate welfare the state has become. Our state is no longer working for We the People, they are working to enrich themselves.


The next article is from the and proves that as Governor Mr. Lamb has no intentions of rolling back corporate welfare. We thank for this great article. Quoting from the article "After squeaking through the Oklahoma House of Representatives, this oil and gas production incentive was at a stalemate in the Senate. Lt. Governor Todd Lamb, who now claims he is against these types of giveaways, came in on the rare occasion to cast the deciding vote as President of the Senate. He broke the tie by voting in favor of the subsidy." That doesn't sound like the vote of the man who is against tax subsidies to us.


Then we came across this article. We find it peculiar that a man running for office would not want to be interviewed as often as possible. Sure, he may not want to be interviewed by bloggers, but he seems to avoid everyone but the lame stream media.


This next article was no surprise. Former Governor Frank Keating endorsed Todd Lamb for the office of Governor. Mr. Lamb worked for the former Governor for several years in the past and this was to be expected.


 In closing we find that Todd Lamb is just another career politician trying to seek higher office to use as a stepping stone to even higher office. He is being controlled by the major players in Oklahoma's oil and gas industry and would not do what's best for the citizens of Oklahoma. He is fully capable of looking you straight in the eye and telling you a lie. He along with all the other candidates currently running for office for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General the House or Senate are all running contrary to the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma. Not one single individual has indicated that the would call for a State Constitutional Convention as required by our State Constitution every twenty years. The last state convention was held in 1974. That indicates that our elected officials have been unconstitutionally passing laws since 1994. All political appointments and all contracts they have signed are unconstitutional. It's time that We the People of this state hold their feet to the fire and make them do their job.




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