Monday, April 23, 2018

Legislators As Ashley Madison Clients



Politicians can be snakes in the grass at times. We are about to present to you the case of one of those politicians that by all accounts condemns the leadership of the House of Representatives and proves that the House Ethics Committee is nothing more than a battering ram to be used against those who don't agree with the Speaker.

We have been aware of this situation for some time now, but what has really brought it to a tipping point is this story in the Muskogee Politico. His opponent in the primary election has filed a challenge against Mr. McDugle claiming that he has failed to meet the residency requirements to run for that office. From the information that we have obtained he may be correct.

Then we found this article from 2017. We would urge our readers to open this link and read the article for themselves. In it you'll find a copy of the actual Divorce Petition where Mr. McDugle is accused of adultery, basically mentally abusing his children. It is asked that he seeks counseling for his mental health issues on page five of the divorce application. Could this be the reason he left the military? Is this another case of un-diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? We think it's only a part of the problem at play here.

There is now doubt that Mr. McDugle is an intelligent man. He is the founder of Lawyer Marketing Services, Inc. and eXpect3 Digital Media Agency  Both companies prove that he can think outside the box and bring something new to the table. It is also evident that his ego has taken over for him. As a Marine, there is no such thing as a former Marine, and as a Drill Instructor at Paris Island, he also wrote a book about his experiences. The one thing he hasn't done is written about his combat experiences. A member of our staff who is a retired Marine Infantryman with two tours in Vietnam has told us that you don't start healing until you start talking about it. We suspect that is where Mr. McDugle's problems may begin.

We next went to to look at his official web page. We were shocked when we found this article. How can a man who is an adulterer and flaunts it in front of the entire legislative body actually be assigned as the Vice Chair of the General Government Oversight and Accountability Committee? Is this some kind of sick joke that Speaker McCall and Jon Echols are playing on the citizens or is this a reward for his support? Either way it's an extremely poor lack of judgment on the leaderships' part.

The next article we found was this. Here he is talking up his day as a Marine drill instructor. Our retired Marine admits it's a tough job, but doubts if half the recruits would make it through boot camp if they still used the training methods from the 1960's or 70's. They were tougher then.

Then we found this article. No where else we looked did we find a mention that he was a Police Officer. Granted he was a Reserve Officer, but he was armed and had the full authority of a full time active duty Police Officer. Everywhere we turn his story begins to look more like hype than reality.

We next went to to see what information they had available on him. We started by going to his biography page here. There was no new information here. There was no mention of his separation and pending divorce either. We have opted to take no action until such time as the divorce is granted.
We next looked at his key votes here. The man never met a tax increase he didn't like. Most of these tax increases go to protect his growing fortune. Who ever vetted this clown for a run for office did a very poor job of it. He's a Liberal at a time when the state needs Conservatives. We are willing to go as far as to say that he isn't even aware of the fact that the state has been running with an illegitimate government since 1994.

We next went to the ratings and endorsements page located here. All of these ratings were given prior to his leaving his wife and children for a woman he is alleged to have met on Ashley, the website for finding other married people for cheating on your spouse. One really sticks out though. In 2012 he received his highest rating of 92% from Oklahoman's for Life. Hmm, if he is for life, why abandon his wife and kids, special need kids at that? Those kids were adopted after being abandoned before, what a kick in the mouth being abandoned again.

We next looked at the campaign finance records located here. These are records from his campaign for office in 2016. We found it strange that we could not obtain a more thorough breakdown of those records from the Oklahoma Ethics Commission's Guardian System. What we found disturbing about this report was the simple fact that of all the money he raised, including the loan he gave himself to the campaign, almost one third of his contributions came from special interest groups. If you remove the loans he made to his campaign the amount goes to over half of the donations. That leaves you wondering who he is really working for? Judging by his votes it's not the citizens of Oklahoma.

 As a Marine he should remember that his integrity is at stake with every vote that he makes. To date, with the exception of one vote, he has been a disgrace to the uniform he once proudly wore. We should add that with the exception of the book he wrote, he must not be to proud of his service either. He never even mentions it in any of his biographies. From where we sit as just common every day hard working citizens of the State of Oklahoma he has failed us. He is no longer deserving of the title Representative.

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