Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Bullying & Intimidation: The Politics of RINO-ism


As we are all aware, the budget mess continues at the state capital. When they allowed Mr. Doeflinger to burn through the states rainy day fund with impunity they even failed to call for an audit of the fund to see where the money went. That is complete stupidity. All they do is say he had the authority and let it go. Why is that drunk still working for the state? Is he a boy toy of Governor Fallin?

What first brought our attention to this story was this article . This is dated October 17, 2017 from the SoonerPolitics.org online Newspaper. It's a short article but it gets directly to the point. It would appear that Governor Fallin took lessons from former President Obama while he was in office. She is now guiding her administration and state agencies are entering a political warfare of bullying and intimidation and the legislature along with the middle class and poor of the state of Oklahoma are the targeted opponents.

The weapon chosen for this assault on the dignity of every Oklahoman is terror. Not the terror of blowing up buildings or mass shooting, but the terror of threatening those citizens in need of specialized services the ability to have access to them. This is similar to the Obama tactic of closing down access to open air monuments and military cemeteries a few years ago but fully staffing Camp David so he could have all of his little perks.

Now these liberal politicians, Governor Fallin, Senator Schulz and Representative McCall have had some high powered help. We found this article . Now we find it ironic that they would use a department that deals with mental health as source to perpetrate such a scam. The Director is a qualified Social Worker, but lacks the qualifications to hold her current position. In fact there are no trained mental health officials in the management level of the department.

Then there was this. Once again they trot out the mental health department. What a lame duck excuse. There is one thing we could add. Why did the current director sell or lease all but just over 300 state mental health beds to private corporations. Could that be the reason we warehouse most of our mentally ill in jails and prisons?

We also found this article from them . It is a very good question that the lady brings up, but it's just another scare tactic. The children will be taken care of. They always are, or so DHS claims.

Channel 9 gave us this little gem . It's almost like the same person wrote the script for all three channels. Do you think they are in bed with the government in power?

Now we are going to call the Governor, the Senate pro-tem and the Speakers scare tactics what they are, a big fat lie. We can say that because we look at reports that come out monthly that the media, the Governor, the Senate president pro-tem and Speaker don't. This is the revenue report from the State Treasurer's office. When you are looking at trying to make a budget or fill a budget gap, one would think that this would be the first place you would look. The first article we found was this . This is an overview of how the state's economy is doing. Everyone should open the link and read it.

Now these next several links we are going to show you are important. These all need to have the links opened and read by you. The first one is here . This article shows an increase in revenue for the state of $72.3 million dollars. The article goes on to state that with the exception of March of 2017 there has been a growth in revenue every month of this year. Now this only goes through the month of May.

We were unable to find the report that showed the figures for the month of June 2017.

The next article of interest we found was this . This report is dated August 7, 2017. It indicates a $73.1 million dollar increase in revenue. These are funds that are available for distribution to the state agencies now. Why hasn't it been done?

Once again we found this report. This article is dated September 6, 2017. It indicates an increase for the month of August but it also indicates an increase over the entire fiscal year except for the month of March. The math in this report doesn't add up correctly in our opinion.

The next article is dated October 4, 2017. It indicates that September was the sixth consecutive month that revenue has increased over the previous year's revenue. We urge you to open the article here. Now how in the world could they not plug the hole in the budget with the income that has been coming in. Where has all that money that came in gone? Somebody needs to find some answers.

 There is only one conclusion that can be made here. The State of Oklahoma does not have a revenue problem. They have a spending problem. The lack of supervision has allowed a political appointee with a history of not following state laws, Mr. Doeflinger, to completely wipe out the state's rainy day fund with no accountability. Despite all that the minions we call Senators and Representatives, with a few exceptions, are bowing to the will of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and spending more than what we as a state can afford. They have failed to live up to their oaths of office and are in violation of said oath. They have set the Republican Party up for significant losses at the ballot boxes in 2018. So much for the no new tax pledge many of them, including the Governor, signed.

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