Sunday, October 22, 2017

What is "Truth In Politics"?


  Most people who read our articles know that above everything else we value truth in our politicians above anything else. Seldom do we write an article on the Democrats, even though we could, simply because the Republicans keep giving us so much rich material to write about. This article is an exception. The people of Senate District 37 do need to know the truth about their candidates before going to the polls next month. We started with the Democratic Candidate for the seat being vacated by Senator Newberry.

  What brought our attention to this story was this article . Now we do believe that her life style is her choice and her's alone. We also believe that her potential constituents deserve to know the truth. According to, which is the Oklahoma Court records system on line, she obtained a marriage license with another woman on March 31, 2017. According to the license they were married at American Marriage Ministries on April 2, 2017. That was a full two months prior to filing to run for office.

  The next article of interest we found was this. There isn't a lot of information available here. It does verify that she was unopposed in the Democratic primary for this seat.

   We next went to her campaign web site. We went to the about Allison section here. This gives you the impression that she is a loving mother of three children, which we do not dispute, and they attend church on a regular basis. Nowhere does it mention that she is married or the name of the person she is married too. This would have been the perfect time to come out of the closet and run on her merits as they are.

We next went to her issues page located here We found that most of her issues lacked detail. She also uses words to disguise what she really means. An example would be to increase funding for public education. She's talking about a teachers pay raise. It's difficult to justify a pay raise when the Tulsa Public Schools cut senior staff and the money saved that could have hired several teachers is instead given to the remaining staff as pay raises because they have to work a little harder. It's hard to justify a pay raise when over fifty percent of the school districts in the state have savings accounts that could have been used to give their teachers a pay raise or even hire teachers instead of emergency certified teachers.

Then she mentions health care and mental health. All we can say there is it would help if we had a qualified individual as a director now.

We really cannot believe she brought up renewable energy. Yes it's a nice dream to have, but it will never be able to provide enough energy for the state of Oklahoma.

We next went to to see what information they might have on her. We found this biography page. We went through everything they had and found nothing else. All they had was the biography page.

The next article we found was this . Now we were reasonably sure what this group was but just to make sure we looked them up and you can research them here . They are a federally registered political action committee. They were formed in 2004 and they are now involved in this campaign.

We decided to do some record digging ourselves at the Oklahoma Ethics Commission. We found that she filed for office on July 13, 2017. We were also able to retrieve the financial reports from July 13, through August 28, 2017. She has received donations from numerous individual donors, however she failed to list the political action committee separately. She is acting as her campaign treasurer. This is not something that we would recommend.

In conclusion she is like most politicians. She is running her campaign and telling people what they want to hear. It is our believe that should she be elected, she would boldly announce that she was the first openly lesbian women elected as a state senator in Oklahoma, even though she never brought out her sexual preference during the campaign. This is deceitful to the constituents and nothing more than a publicity stunt for the Oklahoma and the Democratic National Committee. The deceit she is perpetrating is enough to disqualify her in our opinion. If she would have been honest about it, chances are no one would have had to call into question her honesty and integrity.

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