Monday, October 16, 2017

New Candidate For Governor



We have a new comer to the race for Governor next year. The state's political elites are not going to be happy about him either. The reason is rather simple. He is not one of them. He is a hard working individual who has had enough of the way things have been going for the people of the state of Oklahoma and decided to do something about it. This makes a crowded field of twelve (12) candidates for Governor who have announced their candidacy to date.

What brought our attention to this article was this . Mr. Stitt has promised to bring an outsider's perspective to the Government of Oklahoma. He's promised to tackle Oklahoma's problems head on. Mr. Stitt is a first time candidate and pro-life advocate. He is also the founder and CEO of Gateway Mortgage Group (GMG) in Tulsa.

The next article of interest we found was this . Now we are all use to hearing politicians telling us what they think we want to hear. This is a little different. He is stating that he wants to build Oklahoma opportunities just like he built his own business. That's a refreshing idea for a change.

The next article we found was this. This is an article from the St. Louis Post Dispatch dated October 10, 2017. We were unable to verify the actual amounts indicated in this report as the campaign finance reports have yet to be posted. We can say that it appears that these donations to his campaign were legal. What is surprising is he raised that amount, $1.6 million dollars, in about half of a campaign quarter. We know this based on the date of his Statement of Organization of Campaign Committee with the Oklahoma Ethics Committee on July 15, 2017.

The next article we found was this. This is an article we would encourage you to open the link and read. This isn't your average politician trying to feed you what you want to hear. To us this man makes a lot of sense. It also is something that we have been trying to get people to understand for a long time now. Our government and our tax dollars need better management. This is a man that people need to take a hard look at. It's time to break away from the establishment politicians.

Then we found this article . This is an article from the St. Louis Post Dispatch dated October 10, 2017. We recognize the achievement that Mr. Stitt accomplished in his fund raising in such a short period of time. It is evident by this article that some national attention is being paid to his campaign too.

The next article we found was this This is also dated October 10, 2017. It would seem that raising that kind of campaign funding in such a short period of time is being talked about all over. But what is needed is to drill down and see where these funds are coming from, is it the Chamber of Commerce or is it individuals?

We found a Facebook page for him however we were unable to find a campaign web site for him. We know that he is media savvy. We have found ads for his campaigns on various social media platforms. We even found an ad for him on the Publisher's Clearing House program. That is something we've not seen in Oklahoma.

In conclusion all we can say is that there is still a lot to learn about Mr. Stitt. He does seem like a viable candidate. In these political times where establishment politicians are starting to lose their grip this may be the man that upends Oklahoma's political landscape. We will keep our eyes on this up and coming candidate.

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