Monday, October 9, 2017

Consequences Have Elections


  So here we are again talking about the state's budget. We can't help but wonder if those in control, from Governor Fallin on down, realize how stupid they are making the state look to the rest of the nation. Have they not recognized the reason behind the repeated failures of Republican candidates during the numerous special elections held to replace the criminals among them? Have they figured out why donations to the State GOP are down? Are they prepared for a major defeat in the 2018 elections? Are they ready to hand the state back over to the Democrats next year? It sure looks like that's what they are trying to do.

  For decades now the Republican Party has claimed to be the party of smaller government and less government control. We must ask why has it been that during the Fallin administration spending has gone up every year to a point where we are now spending the most that has ever been spent by the state government in its history. Despite monthly reports that have shown a continued loss of tax revenue by the state for over two years, with few exceptions, our wasteful politicians continue to raise spending levels and even go as far as to refuse to consider halting the $60 million dollars a year in trinkets they spend. That is shear disrespect for those of us in the state that pays the bills with their taxes. Do you still think they work for us citizens?

  We as citizens have a right to a redress of our grievances. Yes our politicians do listen to what we have to say. There is actually a core group of about twenty who actually try to resolve those grievances. For the most part they sit there and act like they are paying attention. They'll then tell you what you want to here and may even make a proposal to correct the problem through legislative action. They are just doing so to say "Hey I tried." Even when they know that the bill will go nowhere. That's what happens when you have a government that doesn't fear the people. We are living in tyranny.

  We decided to bring this subject to your attention again this week simply because the Special Session will be called back again on Monday. In addition we found this Now the Governor sure made a fine speech for a con artist. The lame stream media even gave her some help. She is the biggest driver behind the never ending drive for tax increases. While it is true that the State Supreme Court shot down the $215 million dollar tobacco fee as it was called, her proposal that was submitted to the legislature that she mentioned was for an increase of almost a half a billion dollars in taxes. Is there any wonder why she lacks any credibility as a capable leader?

  The next article of interest we found was this We encourage you to open this link and read the article. This is an eye opening article that sets Oklahoma apart from a majority of the states in this nation. Oklahoma is one of a few states that have a regressive tax codes. By that we mean that the average working class citizen of the state pays a higher percentage of their income in taxes than those who are in the upper income brackets. That is only part of the reason that the state has a spending problem. The state's tax code needs to be revised and made to reflect a progressive tax code that shows that everyone pays their fair share of taxes. No longer should the middle class and poor pay for the well to do's life style.

The next article of interest we found was this This is another link we implore you to open and read. What we find to be the most flagrant of abuses of tax payer dollars is the oil and gas industry. They currently enjoy the lowest taxes in the region on production taxes. Those taxes could be raised back up from the current 2% to the original 7% and they would still enjoy the lowest tax rate in the region. They have their lobbyist crying to legislators about the current taxes are killing them. What the hell do they think their tax cuts are doing to the working people of Oklahoma? Just as soon as we receive they okay, we are going to publish a list of all of the lobbyist and the organizations they represent.

  The next article of interest we found was this . This is an article from the State Treasurer that indicates that during the month of September alone the new tax increases approved by the legislature had brought in an additional $77.2 million dollars to the state coffers. Information like this doesn't negate the need for a special session however it does change what the special session should do. Those figures alone negate the need for any further taxes. They indicate that the $215 million dollar shortfall would be made up in three months. In fact over a period of six months there would be approximately $463.2 million dollars added to the state coffers that would cover a pay raise for the state's teachers. There you have the almost half a billion dollars that the RINO Governor wants in new revenue.

  The next article of interest we found was this This is an agency of the state with no oversight by the House or Senate. Their funds come from the Tobacco Settlement Agreement. They have a billion dollar plus bank account. They are supposed to be helping people stop smoking and smoking education. So why are they bribing local communities to place certain areas as no smoking zones? Why are they running ads dealing with obesity? What does either of them have to do with helping people to stop smoking? They won't even help to provide the latest in medical treatment for smoking cessation.

  The next article of interest we found was this With no oversight of what they are doing, they are apparently encouraging minors as young as sixteen to go to bars instead of smoking. How many parents are aware of this? When is this liberal madness going to end? This is pure idiocy.

  During the regular session of the legislature this year Republican House members Scot Fetgatter of HD 16 and Marcus McEntire of HD 50 became notorious for shilling for House leadership. Out of 101 House districts there was a coalition of about 20 House Republican members who stayed loyal to the Republican Party Platform and rejected the efforts of the leadership. Mr. Fetgatter and Mr. McEntire consider yourselves on notice. We will actively work against you on your next campaign. You have both proven yourselves to be worse than RINO Republicans.

  The next article of interest we found was this . We encourage the Governor, every elected official and every citizen that reads this article to open this link and read the article. This article will tell you what the people of the state of Oklahoma expect and desire from our elected officials. We the People are tired of the mental bull crap that you feed us on a daily basis. We are tired of the regressive tax system and we are tired of the broken promises.

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